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Oracle Solaris Administration: Naming and Directory Services     Oracle Solaris 11 Information Library
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Part I About Naming and Directory Services

1.  Naming and Directory Services (Overview)

2.  Name Service Switch (Overview)

3.  Managing DNS (Tasks)

4.  Setting Up Oracle Solaris Active Directory Clients (Tasks)

Part II NIS Setup and Administration

5.  Network Information Service (Overview)

6.  Setting Up and Configuring NIS (Tasks)

7.  Administering NIS (Tasks)

8.  NIS Troubleshooting

Part III LDAP Naming Services

9.  Introduction to LDAP Naming Services (Overview)

10.  Planning Requirements for LDAP Naming Services (Tasks)

11.  Setting Up Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition With LDAP Clients (Tasks)

12.  Setting Up LDAP Clients (Tasks)

13.  LDAP Troubleshooting (Reference)

14.  LDAP Naming Service (Reference)

15.  Transitioning From NIS to LDAP (Tasks)

NIS-to-LDAP Service Overview

NIS-to-LDAP Tools and the Service Management Facility

NIS-to-LDAP Audience Assumptions

When Not to Use the NIS-to-LDAP Service

Effects of the NIS-to-LDAP Service on Users

NIS-to-LDAP Transition Terminology

NIS-to-LDAP Commands, Files, and Maps

Supported Standard Mappings

Transitioning From NIS to LDAP (Task Map)

Prerequisites for the NIS-to-LDAP Transition

Setting Up the NIS-to-LDAP Service

How to Set Up the N2L Service With Standard Mappings

How to Set Up the N2L Service With Custom or Nonstandard Mappings

Examples of Custom Maps

NIS-to-LDAP Best Practices With Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition

Creating Virtual List View Indexes With Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition

VLVs for Standard Maps

VLVs for Custom and Nonstandard Maps

Avoiding Server Timeouts With Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition

Avoiding Buffer Overruns With Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition

NIS-to-LDAP Restrictions

NIS-to-LDAP Troubleshooting

Common LDAP Error Messages

NIS-to-LDAP Issues

Debugging the NISLDAPmapping File

N2L Server Timeout Issue

N2L Lock File Issue

N2L Deadlock Issue

Reverting to NIS

How to Revert to Maps Based on Old Source Files

How to Revert to Maps Based on Current DIT Contents



NIS-to-LDAP Restrictions

When the N2L server has been set up, the NIS source files are no longer used. Therefore, do not run ypmake on an N2L server. If ypmake is accidentally run, such as for an existing cron job, the N2L service is unaffected. However, a warning is logged suggesting that yppush should be called explicitly.