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Oracle Solaris Studio 12.3: C++ User's Guide     Oracle Solaris Studio 12.3 Information Library
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Part I C++ Compiler

1.  The C++ Compiler

2.  Using the C++ Compiler

3.  Using the C++ Compiler Options

Part II Writing C++ Programs

4.  Language Extensions

5.  Program Organization

6.  Creating and Using Templates

7.  Compiling Templates

8.  Exception Handling

9.  Improving Program Performance

10.  Building Multithreaded Programs

Part III Libraries

11.  Using Libraries

12.  Using the C++ Standard Library

13.  Using the Classic iostream Library

14.  Building Libraries

Part IV Appendixes

A.  C++ Compiler Options

B.  Pragmas

B.1 Pragma Forms

B.1.1 Overloaded Functions as Pragma Arguments

B.2 Pragma Reference

B.2.1 #pragma align

B.2.2 #pragma does_not_read_global_data

B.2.3 #pragma does_not_return

B.2.4 #pragma does_not_write_global_data

B.2.5 #pragma dumpmacros

B.2.6 #pragma end_dumpmacros

B.2.7 #pragma error_messages

B.2.8 #pragma fini

B.2.9 #pragma hdrstop

B.2.10 #pragma ident

B.2.11 #pragma init

B.2.12 #pragma ivdep

B.2.13 #pragma must_have_frame

B.2.14 #pragma no_side_effect

B.2.15 #pragma opt

B.2.16 #pragma pack(n)

B.2.17 #pragma rarely_called

B.2.18 #pragma returns_new_memory

B.2.19 #pragma unknown_control_flow

B.2.20 #pragma weak

B.2.20.1 #pragma weak name



Appendix B


This appendix describes the C++ compiler pragmas. A pragma is a compiler directive that enables the programmer to provide additional information to the compiler. This information can change compilation details that are not otherwise under your control. For example, the pack pragma affects the layout of data within a structure. Compiler pragmas are also called directives.

The preprocessor keyword pragma is part of the C++ standard, but the form, content, and meaning of pragmas is different for every compiler. No pragmas are defined by the C++ standard.

Note - Code that depends on pragmas is not portable.