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Oracle Solaris Studio 12.3: C++ User's Guide     Oracle Solaris Studio 12.3 Information Library
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Part I C++ Compiler

1.  The C++ Compiler

2.  Using the C++ Compiler

3.  Using the C++ Compiler Options

Part II Writing C++ Programs

4.  Language Extensions

5.  Program Organization

6.  Creating and Using Templates

7.  Compiling Templates

8.  Exception Handling

9.  Improving Program Performance

10.  Building Multithreaded Programs

Part III Libraries

11.  Using Libraries

12.  Using the C++ Standard Library

13.  Using the Classic iostream Library

14.  Building Libraries

Part IV Appendixes

A.  C++ Compiler Options

A.1 How Option Information Is Organized

A.2 Option Reference

A.2.1 -#

A.2.2 -###

A.2.3 -Bbinding

A.2.3.1 Values

A.2.4 -c

A.2.4.1 Examples

A.2.5 -cg{89|92}

A.2.6 -compat={5|g}

A.2.6.1 Values

A.2.7 +d

A.2.7.1 Examples

A.2.8 -Dname[=def]

A.2.9 -d{y|n}

A.2.9.1 Values

A.2.10 -dalign

A.2.11 -dryrun

A.2.12 -E

A.2.12.1 Examples

A.2.13 -erroff[=t]

A.2.13.1 Values

A.2.14 -errtags[=a]

A.2.14.1 Values and Defaults

A.2.15 -errwarn[=t]

A.2.15.1 Values

A.2.16 -fast

A.2.16.1 Expansions

A.2.17 -features=a[,a...]

A.2.17.1 Values

A.2.18 -filt[=filter[,filter...]]

A.2.18.1 Values

A.2.19 -flags

A.2.20 -fma[={none|fused}]

A.2.21 -fnonstd

A.2.22 -fns[={yes|no}]

A.2.22.1 Values

A.2.23 -fprecision=p

A.2.23.1 Values

A.2.24 -fround=r

A.2.24.1 Values

A.2.25 -fsimple[=n]

A.2.25.1 Values

A.2.26 -fstore

A.2.26.1 Warnings

A.2.27 -ftrap=t[,t...]

A.2.27.1 Values

A.2.28 -G

A.2.28.1 Interactions

A.2.29 -g

A.2.29.1 Interactions

A.2.30 -g0

A.2.30.1 See also

A.2.31 -g3

A.2.32 -H

A.2.33 -h[ ]name

A.2.33.1 Examples

A.2.34 -help

A.2.35 -Ipathname

A.2.35.1 Interactions

A.2.36 -I-

A.2.36.1 Examples

A.2.37 -i

A.2.38 -include filename

A.2.39 -inline

A.2.40 -instances=a

A.2.40.1 Values

A.2.41 -instlib=filename

A.2.41.1 Values

A.2.42 -KPIC

A.2.43 -Kpic

A.2.44 -keeptmp

A.2.44.1 See Also

A.2.45 -Lpath

A.2.45.1 Interactions

A.2.46 -llib

A.2.46.1 Interactions

A.2.47 -libmieee

A.2.48 -libmil

A.2.49 -library=l[,l...]

A.2.49.1 Values

A.2.49.2 Defaults

A.2.49.3 Examples

A.2.49.4 Interactions

A.2.49.5 Warnings

A.2.49.6 See Also

A.2.50 -m32|-m64

A.2.50.1 See Also

A.2.51 -mc

A.2.52 -misalign

A.2.53 -mr[,string]

A.2.54 -mt[={yes|no}]

A.2.54.1 See Also

A.2.55 -native

A.2.56 -noex

A.2.57 -nofstore

A.2.57.1 See Also

A.2.58 -nolib

A.2.59 -nolibmil

A.2.60 -norunpath

A.2.60.1 Interactions

A.2.61 -O

A.2.62 -Olevel

A.2.63 -o filename

A.2.63.1 Interactions

A.2.64 +p

A.2.64.1 Defaults

A.2.65 -P

A.2.65.1 See Also

A.2.66 -p

A.2.67 -pentium

A.2.68 -pg

A.2.69 -PIC

A.2.70 -pic

A.2.71 -pta

A.2.72 -ptipath

A.2.72.1 Interactions

A.2.72.2 See Also

A.2.73 -pto

A.2.74 -ptv

A.2.75 -Qoption phase option[,option...]

A.2.75.1 Values

A.2.75.2 Examples

A.2.75.3 Warnings

A.2.76 -qoption phase option

A.2.77 -qp

A.2.78 -Qproduce sourcetype

A.2.79 -qproduce sourcetype

A.2.80 -Rpathname[:pathname...]

A.2.80.1 Defaults

A.2.80.2 Interactions

A.2.80.3 See Also

A.2.81 -S

A.2.82 -s

A.2.83 -staticlib=l[,l...]

A.2.83.1 Values

A.2.83.2 Defaults

A.2.83.3 Examples

A.2.83.4 Interactions

A.2.83.5 Warnings

A.2.83.6 See Also

A.2.84 -sync_stdio=[yes|no]

A.2.84.1 Defaults

A.2.84.2 Examples

A.2.84.3 Warnings

A.2.85 -temp=path

A.2.85.1 See Also

A.2.86 -template=opt[,opt...]

A.2.86.1 Values

A.2.86.2 Defaults

A.2.86.3 Examples

A.2.86.4 See Also

A.2.87 -time

A.2.88 -traceback[={%none|common|signals_list}]

A.2.89 -Uname

A.2.89.1 Examples

A.2.89.2 Interactions

A.2.89.3 See Also

A.2.90 -unroll=n

A.2.91 -V

A.2.92 -v

A.2.93 -verbose=v[,v...]

A.2.93.1 Values

A.2.94 -Wc,arg

A.2.95 +w

A.2.95.1 Defaults

A.2.95.2 See Also

A.2.96 +w2

A.2.96.1 See Also

A.2.97 -w

A.2.97.1 See Also

A.2.98 -Xlinker arg

A.2.99 -Xm

A.2.100 -xaddr32

A.2.101 -xalias_level[=n]

A.2.101.1 -xalias_level=any

A.2.101.2 -xalias_level=simple

A.2.101.3 -xalias_level=compatible

A.2.101.4 Defaults

A.2.101.5 Interactions

A.2.101.6 Warning

A.2.102 -xanalyze={code|no}

A.2.103 -xannotate[=yes|no]

A.2.104 -xar

A.2.104.1 Values

A.2.105 -xarch=isa

A.2.105.1 -xarch Flags for SPARC and x86

A.2.105.2 -xarch Flags for SPARC

A.2.105.3 -xarch Flags for x86

A.2.105.4 Interactions

A.2.105.5 Warnings

A.2.106 -xautopar

A.2.106.1 See Also

A.2.107 -xbinopt={prepare|off}

A.2.107.1 Defaults

A.2.108 -xbuiltin[={%all|%default|%none}]

A.2.108.1 Defaults

A.2.109 -xcache=c

A.2.109.1 Values

A.2.110 -xchar[=o]

A.2.110.1 Values

A.2.111 -xcheck[=i]

A.2.111.1 Values

A.2.112 -xchip=c

A.2.112.1 Values

A.2.113 -xcode=a

A.2.113.1 Values

A.2.114 -xdebugformat=[stabs|dwarf]

A.2.115 -xdepend=[yes|no]

A.2.115.1 See Also

A.2.116 -xdumpmacros[=value[,value...]]

A.2.116.1 Values

A.2.117 -xe

A.2.117.1 See Also

A.2.118 -xF[=v[,v...]]

A.2.118.1 Values

A.2.119 -xhelp=flags

A.2.120 -xhwcprof

A.2.121 -xia

A.2.121.1 Expansions

A.2.121.2 Interactions

A.2.121.3 Warnings

A.2.121.4 See Also

A.2.122 -xinline[=func-spec[,func-spec...]]

A.2.122.1 Values

A.2.122.2 Defaults

A.2.122.3 Examples

A.2.122.4 Interactions

A.2.122.5 Warnings

A.2.122.6 See Also

A.2.123 -xinstrument=[no%]datarace

A.2.124 -xipo[={0|1|2}]

A.2.124.1 Values

A.2.124.2 Defaults

A.2.124.3 Examples

A.2.124.4 When Not To Use -xipo Interprocedural Analysis

A.2.124.5 Interactions

A.2.124.6 Warnings

A.2.124.7 See Also

A.2.125 -xipo_archive=[a]

A.2.126 -xivdep[=p]

A.2.127 -xjobs=n

A.2.127.1 Values

A.2.127.2 Defaults

A.2.127.3 Examples

A.2.128 -xkeepframe[=[%all,%none,name,no%name]]

A.2.129 -xlang=language[,language]

A.2.129.1 Values

A.2.129.2 Interactions

A.2.129.3 Warnings

A.2.129.4 See Also

A.2.130 -xldscope={v}

A.2.130.1 Values

A.2.130.2 Defaults

A.2.130.3 Warning

A.2.130.4 See Also

A.2.131 -xlibmieee

A.2.131.1 See Also

A.2.132 -xlibmil

A.2.132.1 Interactions

A.2.133 -xlibmopt

A.2.133.1 Interactions

A.2.133.2 See Also

A.2.134 -xlic_lib=sunperf

A.2.135 -xlicinfo

A.2.136 -xlinkopt[=level]

A.2.136.1 Values

A.2.136.2 Defaults

A.2.136.3 Interactions

A.2.136.4 Warnings

A.2.137 -xloopinfo

A.2.138 -xM

A.2.138.1 Examples

A.2.138.2 Interactions

A.2.138.3 See Also

A.2.139 -xM1

A.2.140 -xMD

A.2.141 -xMF

A.2.142 -xMMD

A.2.143 -xMerge

A.2.143.1 See Also

A.2.144 -xmaxopt[=v]

A.2.145 -xmemalign=ab

A.2.145.1 Values

A.2.145.2 Defaults

A.2.145.3 Examples

A.2.146 -xmodel=[a]

A.2.147 -xnolib

A.2.147.1 Examples

A.2.147.2 Interactions

A.2.147.3 Warnings

A.2.147.4 See Also

A.2.148 -xnolibmil

A.2.149 -xnolibmopt

A.2.149.1 Examples

A.2.150 -xnorunpath

A.2.151 -xOlevel

A.2.151.1 Values

A.2.151.2 Interactions

A.2.151.3 Defaults

A.2.151.4 Warnings

A.2.151.5 See Also

A.2.152 -xopenmp[=i]

A.2.152.1 Values

A.2.152.2 Defaults

A.2.152.3 Interactions

A.2.152.4 Warnings

A.2.152.5 See Also

A.2.153 -xpagesize=n

A.2.153.1 Values

A.2.153.2 Defaults

A.2.153.3 Expansions

A.2.153.4 Warnings

A.2.154 -xpagesize_heap=n

A.2.154.1 Values

A.2.154.2 Defaults

A.2.154.3 Warnings

A.2.155 -xpagesize_stack=n

A.2.155.1 Values

A.2.155.2 Defaults

A.2.155.3 Warnings

A.2.156 -xpch=v

A.2.156.1 Creating a Precompiled-Header File

A.2.156.2 See Also

A.2.157 -xpchstop=file

A.2.157.1 See Also

A.2.158 -xpec[={yes|no}]

A.2.159 -xpg

A.2.159.1 Warnings

A.2.159.2 See Also

A.2.160 -xport64[=(v)]

A.2.160.1 Values

A.2.160.2 Defaults

A.2.160.3 Examples

A.2.160.4 Warnings

A.2.160.5 See Also

A.2.161 -xprefetch[=a[,a...]]

A.2.161.1 Defaults

A.2.161.2 Interactions

A.2.161.3 Warnings

A.2.162 -xprefetch_auto_type=a

A.2.163 -xprefetch_level[=i]

A.2.163.1 Values

A.2.163.2 Defaults

A.2.163.3 Interactions

A.2.164 -xprofile=p

A.2.165 -xprofile_ircache[=path]

A.2.166 -xprofile_pathmap

A.2.167 -xreduction

A.2.168 -xregs=r[,r...]

A.2.169 -xrestrict[=f]

A.2.169.1 Restricted Pointers

A.2.170 -xs

A.2.171 -xsafe=mem

A.2.171.1 Interactions

A.2.171.2 Warnings

A.2.172 -xspace

A.2.173 -xtarget=t

A.2.173.1 --xtarget Values By Platform

A.2.173.2 Defaults

A.2.173.3 Expansions

A.2.173.4 Examples

A.2.173.5 Interactions

A.2.173.6 Warnings

A.2.174 -xthreadvar[=o]

A.2.174.1 Values

A.2.174.2 Defaults

A.2.174.3 Interactions

A.2.174.4 Warnings

A.2.174.5 See Also

A.2.175 -xtime

A.2.176 -xtrigraphs[={yes|no}]

A.2.176.1 Values

A.2.176.2 Defaults

A.2.176.3 Examples

A.2.176.4 See Also

A.2.177 -xunroll=n

A.2.177.1 Values

A.2.178 -xustr={ascii_utf16_ushort|no}

A.2.178.1 Values

A.2.178.2 Defaults

A.2.178.3 Example

A.2.179 -xvector[=a]

A.2.179.1 Defaults

A.2.179.2 Interactions

A.2.180 -xvis[={yes|no}]

A.2.180.1 Defaults

A.2.181 -xvpara

A.2.182 -xwe

A.2.182.1 See Also

A.2.183 -Yc,path

A.2.183.1 Values

A.2.183.2 Interactions

A.2.183.3 See Also

A.2.184 -z[ ]arg

B.  Pragmas



Appendix A

C++ Compiler Options

This appendix details the command-line options for the C++ compiler. The features described apply to all platforms except as noted; features that are unique to the Oracle Solaris OS on SPARC-based systems are identified as SPARC, and the features that are unique to the Oracle Solaris and Linux OS on x86-based systems are identified as x86. Features limited to the Oracle Solaris OS only are marked Solaris; features limited only to Linux OS are marked Linux.

The typographical conventions that are listed in the Preface are used in this section of the manual to describe individual options.

Parentheses, braces, brackets, pipe characters, and ellipses are metacharacters used in the descriptions of the options and are not part of the options themselves.