Enterprise Manager for Oracle VDI

Plug-in User's Guide for Release 3.5

Oracle Legal Notices


March 2013

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to the Oracle VDI Plug-in
1.1. About this Document
1.2. About the Oracle VDI Plug-in
1.2.1. Overview
1.2.2. Plug-in Architecture
1.2.3. Metric Collection
1.2.4. Events and Incidents
1.3. Versions Supported
2. Installing the Oracle VDI Plug-in
2.1. Prerequisites
2.2. Importing and Deploying the Plug-in
2.3. Configuring Oracle VDI Targets
2.4. Refreshing an Oracle VDI Center Target
3. Monitoring Oracle VDI Targets
3.1. Target Page Layout and Navigation
3.2. Oracle VDI Monitoring Target Pages
3.2.1. About Monitoring Panels
3.2.2. Monitoring an Oracle VDI Center
3.2.3. Monitoring an Oracle VDI Host
3.2.4. Monitoring an Oracle VDI Company
3.2.5. Monitoring an Oracle VDI Pool
3.2.6. Monitoring an Oracle VDI VirtualBox Desktop Provider
3.2.7. Monitoring an Oracle VDI VirtualBox Hypervisor
3.2.8. Monitoring Oracle VDI Storage
3.2.9. Monitoring Other Oracle VDI Desktop Providers
3.3. Predefined Incidents and Problems
4. Oracle VDI Plug-in Troubleshooting and Tuning
4.1. Plug-in Activity Logging
4.2. Plug-in Installation and Configuration
4.3. Metrics Collection
5. Uninstalling the Oracle VDI Plug-in
5.1. Unconfiguring Oracle VDI Targets
5.2. Undeploying the Plug-in
5.3. Removing the Plug-in