55 Delete Account Master Records

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55.1 Deleting Account Master Records


From General Accounting (G09), choose G/L Advanced & Technical Operations

From G/L Advanced & Technical Operations (G0931), choose Summarize & Purge Data

From Summarize & Purge Data (G09317), choose Delete Account Master Records

To make more disk space available, you can delete:

  • Accounts that do not contain transactions

  • Account master records for a specific company or business unit

When you run the Delete Account Master Records program (P09814), the system searches appropriate tables for transactions for an account, or account master records for a company or business unit. If none are found, the system does not copy accounts or records to a purge table. Rather, it deletes the account or records from the Account Master table (F0901).

The system searches the following tables:

Table Name
F0411 Accounts Payable Ledger
F0902 Account Balances
F0911 Account Ledger
F0912 Cost Allocations/Flex Budgeting
F1202 Asset Account Balances
F4311 Purchase Order Detail
F06106 Employee Pay Instructions
F4457 Takeoff File

You can also delete nonposting accounts. There are two methods:

Method Explanation
Method 1 To delete nonposting accounts:
  • Run a report containing all nonposting accounts in the Account Master table.

  • Delete the accounts manually using Single Account Revisions.

Method 2 To delete nonposting accounts:
  • Delete account master records for specific business units with a posting edit code of N.

  • Manually reenter any nonposting accounts for your financial reports to run properly.

(Release A9.3 Update) This DREAM Writer is based on the JF - F0006/F0901 - Company, Cost Center table (F1011) and selects records from the Account Master (F0901) and Business Unit Master (F0006) tables.

You can run this batch program in proof or final mode. If you choose proof mode, the system prints a report showing all accounts to be deleted, but it does not delete them. To delete them, you must run the program in final mode. In final mode, the system deletes the accounts and prints a report listing all the accounts that were deleted.

Before You Begin

  • Back up the Account Master table

See Also:

55.1.1 Processing Options

See Section 91.3, "Delete All Account Master Records - Proof (P09814)"

Data Selection for Delete Account Master Records

  • To retain nonposting accounts, set the Posting Edit not equal (NE) to N

  • To retain model accounts, set the Model/Consolidation not equal (NE) to M