Oracle Trading Community Architecture Administration Guide


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Introduction to Administration


General Implementation
      Assigning Responsibilities to Users
      Customer Text Data Creation and Indexing
      Running Migration and Upgrade Requests
      Setting Up Business Events
      Defining the Business Event Types to Raise
      Defining How Business Events Are Raised
      Preserving Event Information
      Event Raising
      Event Subscription
      Impact and Alternatives of Not Raising Granular Business Events
      Setting Up Workflow Directory Synchronization
      Incremental Workflow Directory Synchronization
      Bulk Workflow Directory Synchronization
      Defining Administration Access
Feature-Specific Implementation
      Setting Up Batch Address Validation
      Setting Up Batch Duplicate Identification
      Setting Up Bulk Import
      Bulk Import De-Duplication Processes
      Setting Up Customer Interface
      Setting Up Customer Merge
      Setting Up eLocations Spatial Data Integration
      Locations Spatial Index Rebuild
      Setting Up Party Merge
      Setting Up Real-Time Address Validation
      Setting Up Relationship Manager
      Setting Up Third Party Data Integration
      Setting up Google Maps


Administering Relationships
Searching for Relationship Types
Creating Relationship Types
Viewing and Converting Relationship Types
Copying Relationship Types
Adding Relationship Phrase and Role Pairs to Relationship Types
Assigning Relationship Phrases and Roles to Relationship Groups


Classifications Overview
Administering Classifications
Searching for an Existing Class Category
Creating a Class Category
Assigning Entities to a Class Category
Creating a Class Code
      Assigning Parent Class Codes
Updating a Class Category
Updating a Class Code
Viewing a Class Code Hierarchy
Copying a Class Category
Refresh of Classification Denormalization

Data Quality Management

Data Quality Management Overview
      Major Features
      Data Quality Management Examples
      Data Quality Management Process
Administering Data Quality Management
      DQM Administration Overview Page
Word Replacements
      Creating and Updating Word Replacement Lists
      Word Replacements Tips
      Creating Custom Word Replacement Conditions
Attributes for DQM
Transformations Overview
Defining Attributes and Transformations
      Creating Custom Attributes
      Creating Custom Transformations
      Attribute and Transformation Tips
Match Rules Overview
      The Matching Process
      Search Matching Process
      Expanded Duplicate Identification Matching Process
      Bulk Duplicate Identification Matching Process
      Integration Services Duplicate Identification Matching Process
Defining Single Match Rules
      Entering Match Rule Details
      Selecting Attributes and Defining Usage
      Assigning Scores, Transformations, and Thresholds
      Match Rule Example
Defining Match Rule Sets
DQM Compile All Rules Program
Quality Adjusted Search Results
      Creating Logic for Quality Adjusted Search Results
Viewing Match Rules
Staged Schema
      DQM Staging Program
      DQM Index Optimization Program
      DQM Synchronization Method
      DQM Synchronization Program
Merge Dictionary Overview
      Maintaining the Merge Dictionary
Creating Custom Merge Master Party Defaulting Method
Account Merge
DQM Diagnostic Reports

Data Sharing and Security

Data Sharing and Security Overview
Administering Data Sharing and Security
      Administration Process
Creating a Data Sharing Group
Updating a Data Sharing Group
Assigning Privileges to Access a Data Sharing Group


Adapters Overview
Administering Adapters
      Configuring Adapters
Creating Address Validation Adapters


Administering Phones
      Defining Time Zones for Phones
      Defining Phone Formats


Administering Extensions
      Extensions Process
      Extensions Example
      Copying Extensions Data for Profile Versioning

Source System Management

Source System Management Overview
Administering Source System Management
Source Systems Overview
Administering Source Systems
      Setting Up Flexfields for Source Systems
      Creating and Updating Source Systems
      Viewing Source Systems
Single Source of Truth Overview
      Attribute Groups
      Single Source of Truth Example for Rank Display Method
      Attribute Groups Example for Rank Display Method
Administering Single Source of Truth
      Setting Up Display Rules
      Third Party Data Integration Update Program
      Setting Up User Overwrite Rules
Data Security for Other Entities
      Setting Up User Create and Update Rules

Geography Hierarchy

Geography Hierarchy Overview
Administering Geography Hierarchy
Defining Country Structures
Viewing and Defining Geographies
Updating Geographies
Managing Validations
Geography Name Referencing Process


Administering Certification

Implementing Web Services

Oracle Service Bean Framework
Web Services Framework
Oracle Integration Repository (iRep)
Implementing the Web Service
Business Object APIs
DQM Search
Party Merge
Account Merge

Resource Manager Implementation Overview

Installation Verification
      Application Procedures
Resource Manager Dependencies
Phase I: Setting Up Resource Manager
Phase II: Managing Resources with Resource Manager
Resource Manager Concurrent Programs

Phase I: Setting Up Resource Manager

Overview of Setting Up Resource Manager
Mass Importing Resources From Other Applications in the E-Business Suite
Importing Resources From Legacy Applications Using APIs
Importing Individual Resources
Creating a Resource Manually in Forms
Creating a Salesperson Automatically
Creating a Salesperson of Type Other and To Be Hired in HTML
Creating a Salesperson in Multiple Organizations
Defining Role Types
Defining Roles in Forms
Defining Roles in HTML
Specifying Role Attributes
Defining Skill Levels in HTML
Assigning a Numeric Value to a Skill Rating
Changing the Name of a Skill Rating
Publishing Workflow Business Events

Phase II: Managing Resources

Overview of Managing Resources
Finding a Resource in Forms
Finding and Changing a Resource in HTML
Configuring Resource Fields for Updates
Assigning Additional Resource Attributes
Synchronizing End Dates for Partner and Employee Resources
Creating Groups in Forms
Creating Groups in HTML
Defining Dynamic Groups in Forms
Defining Dynamic Groups in HTML
Viewing Group Hierarchy in Forms
Viewing Role Details
Assigning Roles to Resources
Assigning Resources to Groups
Defining Teams in Forms
Defining Teams in HTML
Configuring Group and Team Member Notifications
Moving a Group of Salespersons from One Compensation Analyst to Another
Running a Group Audit Report
Viewing an Audit Report
Running a Group Structure Report
Viewing a Group Structure Report
Running Resource Skills Report
Viewing Resource Skills Report

Troubleshooting Resource Manager

Common Implementation Errors
Error Messages
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Reports and Processes

Oracle Trading Community Architecture Profile Options and Categories

Profile Options and Profile Option Categories Overview
Profile Option Category and Profile Options Descriptions
      Address Formatting Deployment Category
      Address Validation Deployment Category
      Bulk Import Deployment Category
      Bulk Import Setup Category
      Customer Interface Deployment Category
      Customer Merge Deployment Category
      Data Sharing and Security Category
      DQM Deployment Category
      DQM Fuzzy Key Generation Category
      Geography Hierarchy Deployment Category
      Party Import Setup Category
      Party Merge Deployment Category
      Party Merge Setup Category
      Source System Management Setup Category
      Spatial Deployment Category
      TCA Deployment Category
      Third Party Deployment Category
      Unused or Internal Profile Options

Resource Manager Profile Options and Categories

Profile Options and Profile Option Categories Overview
Profile Option Category and Profile Options Descriptions
      Resource Security Category
      Resource Setup Category

Customizing Trading Community Architecture

Trading Community Architecture Admin-Personalizable Pages

Customizing Resource Manager

Extending Resource Manager BC4J Objects

Standard Navigation Paths

Standard Navigation Paths