Oracle Sales Implementation Guide


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Oracle Sales Overview
Key Oracle Sales Features
Access to Oracle Sales

Verifying Dependencies and Integrations

Oracle Sales Mandatory Dependencies
Oracle Sales Conditional Dependencies

Implementation Overview

Implementation Task Sequence

Implementation Tasks for Oracle Sales

Setting Up Users and Reporting Hierarchy
      Creating an Employee User
      Setting Up Employees as FND Users and Assigning Responsibilities
      Setting Up a Group
      Verifying Group Setup
      Setting Up Manager Roles
      Setting Up the Sales Admin Role
      Creating a Resource, and Assigning Roles and Resource Groups
Setting Up Product Hierarchies
Setting Up Data Quality Management in Trading Community Architecture
Enabling Address Validation
Setting Up Preferred Currency
Setting Up and Enabling Currency Conversion
      Setting Up Currency Codes
      Setting Up the Accounting Calendar
      Setting Up Calendar Types
      Setting Up Period Type Mapping
      Setting Profile Options for Multiple Currency
      Setting Up Reporting Currencies
      Setting Up Quarters as a Time Period in the General Ledger
      Entering GL Daily Conversion Rates
      Running Concurrent Programs to Set Up Pseudo Period Rates
Setting Up Leads Management in Marketing
Setting Up the Lead Rules Engines
Creating Win Probabilities
Setting Up Sales Stages
Setting Up Sales Coaches (Sales Supplements)
Setting Up Sales Methodologies
Creating and Modifying Status Codes
Setting Up Forecast Categories
Setting Up Forecast Category Mappings
Setting the Defaults for Forecast Amounts
Importing Leads
Setting Up Dashboard Tables - Leads by Age and Cross-Sell/Up-Sell Campaigns
Defining the Sales Funnel
About Sales Security
Setting Up Time Zones
Setting Up the Territory Assignment Program (TAP)
Setting Up Marketing Source Codes
Setting Up Sales Campaigns
Setting Up Competitor Information
Setting Up Quoting
Setting Up Proposals
Setting Up Projects
Setting Up Partners
Setting Up Incentive Compensation
Setting Up Attachments
Setting Up Notes, Tasks, and Calendar
      Setting Up Notes
      Setting Up Tasks
      Setting Up Calendar
Setting Up Customer Classifications
Enabling Multi-Organization Access
Setting Up Web ADI to Enable Forecast Opportunity Export
Setting Up Account Plans
Setting Up Strategic Information
Setting Up Opportunity History Tracking
Defining Descriptive Flexfields
      Specifying Flexfields
Setting Up Lead and Opportunity Searches
Personalizing the User Interface
      Personalizations on the Sales Dashboard Page
      Personalizations for Customers (Organization) or Customers (Person)
      Personalizing the Lead, Opportunity, Contact, and Customer Pages
      Personalizing Forecasting Pages
      Personalizing Customer and Contact Searches
      Enable Contact Purposes
      Export Functionality Support
      Enabling Flexfields in Oracle Sales
      Personalizing Lead and Opportunity Searches
      Enabling Oracle Partners and Oracle Sales Integration
      Personalizing at the Region Level

Profile Options

Oracle System Profile Options
Oracle Sales Customers Profile Options
Oracle Sales Dashboard Profile Options
Oracle Sales Duplicate Prevention Profile Options
Oracle Sales Forecast Profile Options
Oracle Sales Leads and Opportunities Profile Options
Oracle Sales Account Plan Profile Options
Oracle Sales Security Profile Options
Oracle CRM Foundation Profile Option
Oracle Sales Foundation Profile Options
Oracle Receivables Profile Option
Oracle Trading Community Architecture Profile Options
Multiple Organization (MO) Profile Options
Oracle Applications Framework Profile Option
Web ADI Profile Option

Seeded Lookup Types

Overview of Lookup Types

Seeded Views

Overview of Views

Seeded Roles and Responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities to Use with Oracle Sales
Oracle Forms Responsibilities
Oracle Self Service Responsibilities

Concurrent Programs

Concurrent Programs and Request Set
Concurrent Programs
Request Set - Update as_accesses_all denorm flag

Product Hierarchies and Forecasting

General Guidelines
Product Category Added to Forecast Category
Parent to Forecastable Category Added Within the Hierarchy
Child Product Category Node is Moved in Hierarchy and Becomes Forecastable
Forecastable Product Category Moved Under Non-Forecastable Node
Forecastable Product Category Child of Another Forecastable Product Category
Forecastable Product Category Disabled Within the Product Hierarchy
Forecastable Product Category Flagged as Not Visible to SME
Forecastable Product Category Deleted From the Product Hierarchy

Oracle Sales - Oracle TeleSales Interoperability

Oracle Sales - Oracle TeleSales Interoperability
Setting Corresponding Oracle Sales and Oracle TeleSales Profile Options
Setting Corresponding Oracle Sales and Oracle Trading Community Architecture
Setting Oracle TeleSales and Leads Profile Options
Setting Oracle TeleSales and Oracle Sales Lookups
Differences Between Oracle Sales and Oracle TeleSales
Sales Methodology
Converting Leads to Opportunities
Role and Address in Sales Team
Customer Sales Team
Rolling Forecast
Marketing Campaigns/Offers
Freeze Flag
Close Competitor and Comment
Customer Budget Status
End Customer and Address
Projects and Decision Timeframe
Accepting or Rejecting Leads
Concurrent Updates
Incentive Compensation
Lead and Opportunity Currency
Account Plans and Strategic Information

Customer and Contact Business Activities Plug-Ins

Business Activities Plug-Ins for Customers and Contacts
Overview of Business Activities Customization
Define and Implement View Objects
Define and Implement an Application Module
Define the Plug-In Region
Define and Implement the Controller
Add a Lookup Code
Define a FND Function

Oracle Sales Frequently Asked Questions

Why does a search for lead or opportunity with particular owner produce unexpected results?
How can I see the Trading Community Architecture log messages logged in the customer module?
Why does a newly created customer not show in customer search?
Why do customer search results show customers that do not match the search criteria?
How can I hide entries in the Customer Classification list of values?
Why can't I see the personalization page for Configurable UI in the Sales Dashboard?
Why are some of my personalizations gone after I upgrade?
How do I enable the Additional Information tab?
How do I show Sales Funnel at the bottom of the Sales Dashboard page?
How do I download personalizations?
How can I define a default subtab?
Why do I get a “You do not have Permission to access this functionality” error when clicking on a hyperlink?
Can I set up a sales representative without any sales group in TAP?
Why am I getting a java null pointer exception when attempting to access the Sales Dashboard through Sales User?
Is there a way to prevent a user from creating a Quote on a closed Opportunity, or on an Opportunity whose close date is past due?
The profile option OS: Sales Methodology will not default Sales Methodology to a new Opportunity. Is this correct?
Does Oracle Sales support the addition of a Sales Member of a Customer Sales Team to either an Opportunity or Lead?
Why can sales representatives view opportunities for which they are not part of the Sales Team?
Why are Opportunity Products not carried over to a Quote?
Can I disable a Lead Rank?
How do you enable the View History Button on the Opportunity Details Page?
How do you set up Forecasting in Oracle Sales?
Should Advanced Search work when using Classification as the only search criteria?
Why does the Relationship Roles dropdown in the Customer Advanced Search display types that have been disabled?
How do you assign an External Sales Team to a Customer in Oracle Sales?
Why can't a Sales Manager see a subordinate's Leads or Opportunities, despite the profile ASN: Manager Update Access set to Update?
Can a Customer use Oracle Sales without Oracle Inventory if they are a Customer that sells Services rather than Products?
What prerequisite steps are required to generate Sales Campaigns?
How can I personalize the Shortcuts Bin?
How can I add a link to the Shortcuts Bin?
How can I enable the Personalization Page link?
How can I turn On/Off the Personalization Links that are visible within Oracle Sales?
How can I disable the hyperlink of Opportunity and Customer in the Opportunity Page?
How do I create and display additional Category Attachments?
Can I run Oracle Sales (ASN) and Oracle Sales Online or Oracle Field Sales (ASF) together?
Can I run Oracle Sales (ASN) and Oracle TeleSales together?
How can I enable Diagnostics in Oracle Sales?
Why is the match any/all option missing in customer/contact advanced search?
Why can't I change the Party Name anymore?
The Sales Coach and Account Plan report were generated in an Unknown format. How do I solve this?
Why does the Account Plan Report show only ten records when there are more than ten records available in the table/bin?
Why don't new period types appear in the Calendar?