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Trusted Extensions Developer's Guide     Oracle Solaris 10 1/13 Information Library
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1.  Trusted Extensions APIs and Security Policy

2.  Labels and Clearances

3.  Label Code Examples

4.  Printing and the Label APIs

5.  Interprocess Communications

6.  Trusted X Window System

7.  Label Builder APIs

8.  Trusted Web Guard Prototype

9.  Experimental Java Bindings for the Solaris Trusted Extensions Label APIs

A.  Programmer's Reference

Header File Locations

Abbreviations Used in Interface Names and Data Structure Names

Developing, Testing, and Debugging an Application

Releasing an Application

Creating a CDE Action

Creating a Software Package

B.  Trusted Extensions API Reference


Header File Locations

Most Trusted Extensions header files are located in the /usr/include/tsol directory and in the /usr/include/sys/tsol directory. The locations of other header files are shown in the following table.

Header File and Its Location
Category of Interface
X11 label translation and label clipping with font list
Label Builder
X Window System
Trusted network library
Audit library