1 Understanding Oracle WebCenter Content

This chapter provides an overview of the Oracle WebCenter Content system.

This chapter covers the following topics:

1.1 Oracle WebCenter Content

Oracle WebCenter Content provides content infrastructure for managing documents, images, records, and rich media files. It offers end-to-end content life cycle management from creation to archiving, and contextual enterprise application integration.

The WebCenter Content system includes the Content Server, which provides core content management functions, and WebCenter Content features with a wide variety of functionality for managing content, images, digital assets, records, content conversion, and the desktop experience.

Oracle WebCenter Content administration involves configuring the Content Server and associated software including the system database, and using other software such as Oracle security software for user authentication and authorization, Oracle Fusion Middleware for system control and monitoring, and other software as needed to maintain optimal system performance.

Oracle WebCenter Content administration also involves managing additional internal features and applications to support content conversion, workflows, metadata, imaging, records management, and so forth. For details on managing these Oracle WebCenter Content features, see Oracle Fusion Middleware Managing Oracle WebCenter Content.

1.2 Content Management

The content repository is the heart of the Oracle WebCenter Content system. Content can take many forms such as documents, records, images, and audio files. All content checked in to the system is stored in the repository, and from there it can be managed by users with the appropriate permissions to that content.

Every contributor throughout an organization can easily contribute content from native desktop applications, efficiently manage business content through use of rich library services, and securely access that content anywhere using a web browser.

All content, regardless of content type, is stored in the web repository or database for management, reuse and access. While stored in the repository, all types of content ranging from e-mail, discussions, documents, reports, spreadsheets and records to images, multimedia or other digital formats-receive the same set of fundamental core services.

With Oracle WebCenter Content an organization can utilize a unified repository to house unstructured content, and deliver it to users in the proper format and within the context of familiar applications to fit the way they work.

1.3 Content Server

The Content Server is the foundation for a variety of Oracle WebCenter Content management features. It provides a flexible, secure, centralized, web-based repository that manages all phases of the content life cycle from creation and approval to publishing, searching, expiration, and archiving or disposition.

A number of components providing advanced functionality are included with Content Server. These components may be rolled into the core system or available to be enabled after system installation. Content Server also provides software that can be used to create customized components. For details on customizing components, see Oracle Fusion Middleware Developing with Oracle WebCenter Content.