What's New

What's new in Release There are four major new features—Apple iPad® support, improved accessibility, performance metrics enhancements, and Pagelet Producer. Read this quick-reference page for a concise summary of what's new in this release and for pointers to more detailed information.


Release is part of a patch set. A patch set is a single-installation collection of patches that are designed to be applied together. You must apply patches to Oracle WebCenter Portal as well as all associated product dependencies (such as WebCenter Content). Patching involves copying a small collection of files over an existing installation.

A patch is normally associated with a particular version of an Oracle product and involves updating from one minor version of the product to a newer minor version of the same product (for example, from Release to Release

You must install the Release patch set for continued support.

New Features and Enhancements for Release

The following table lists and describes new features and enhancements in this release and provides links to more detailed information in our guides.

Feature Description For More Information, See…


  • High contrast and large font support

Apple iPad® support

  • Oracle WebCenter Portal's out of the box-applications and templates that are now supported on iPad®: Admin UI, Composer, Spaces Template.

  • ADF components render on iPad®.


  • Improved documentation on blog comments

  • Improved documentation on linking to blogs


  • New Java system property to change view of Upload Document pane: either add multiple files at once, optionally providing a single description that applies to all files, or add files one at a time, optionally providing a description for each file.

  • Improved documentation on uploading files without and with a content profile

  • Improved documentation on working with tables in Rich Text Editor

Look and feel

  • Guidance on how to use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, menus, page templates, styles, and skins together to define the look and feel for your application

Multilanguage portals

  • Improved language support documentation

Pagelet Producer

  • Support for WebCenter Sites

  • Portal integration, leveraging Pagelet Producer

  • Added information about Pagelet Producer lifecycle

Performance Metrics and Troubleshooting

  • New look for home page and additional menus in Fusion Middleware to help you monitor performance and help diagnose issues with WebCenter Portal applications.

  • Warning thresholds for key performance metrics that you can customize for your system. This feature immediately alerts you if an issue starts to impact the performance of pages, portlets, or documents in your application. You can also set warning thresholds for important Oracle WebLogic Server performance indicators, such as CPU usage, memory usage, thread activity, JDBC resources, and more.

  • Guidance on how to use the new features to analyze and help you diagnose issues with WebCenter Portal system health.

  • Troubleshooting appendix to help administrators diagnose and resolve performance and configuration issues.

  • Support for logging DFW (diagnostic framework) incidents.


  • Synchronize profile information from LDAP to database