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Other Key WebCenter Portal Features
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Personalization for WebCenter Portal

Personalization for WebCenter Portal builds on the foundation that Oracle WebLogic Portal has pioneered and combines capabilities from Oracle WebCenter Interaction (formerly ALUI) to deliver a complete dynamic user experience that can provide targeted branding, processes, and content.

In its simplest form, the Personalization for WebCenter Portal can deliver content directly to the users based on existing attributes from many different systems. The published service provider interface enables developers to aggregate any systems to provide a unified user profile to then determine the best set of elements to deliver to the user.

Developers build a "scenario" to determine the basic decision logic required, then business users select the appropriate scenario for their audience and the Conductor runs these scenarios when users step through the site. For example, extranet sites might offer customers or partners special offers based on products they’ve ordered in the past.

By leveraging the WebCenter Portal's Activity Graph, recommendations can be delivered directly into the site or called through REST and used wherever they are required. The open architecture for gathering user attributes and exposing the results of the service is essential for delivering a modern user experience for the enterprise or the web.