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Oracle WebCenter Portal: Framework
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Deliver Content Over Multiple Channels

Oracle WebCenter Portal enables you to surface pages and content over multiple types of channels. For example, you can surface your application in a browser, and simultaneously surface your application in a handheld device with a look and feel that is more appropriate for mobile devices.

WebCenter Portal's suite of Representational State Transfer (REST) services allows developers to access and deliver social computing and base portal services to any device. REST is typically used with Rich Internet Applications (RIA) that are client-side scripted and require the ability to interact with data from a server-side application. For example, the WebCenter Portal: Spaces iPhone app uses WebCenter Portal's REST APIs to interact with a WebCenter Portal: Spaces application. The native iPhone client is written in Objective-C, and the REST APIs enable the client to send and retrieve application data. The app enables business end-users, managers and executives to manage and participate in professional connections, group projects and dynamic online communities via iPhone.

Whatever your development platform, the REST services enable developers using JavaScript, .Net, PHP, PERL, Ruby, and any language to access the core WebCenter Portal services directly. In this way, the services can be used throughout the enterprise and delivered through both web pages and mobile devices, like the iPhone. Developers also leverage REST services for native and composite applications, like business mashups. At the same time, the services themselves are managed from a central IT instance, allowing teams to add new features quickly. This model provides a single set of procedures managing, archiving, and discovering information as it is needed.