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Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.1 Hardware Administration Manual     Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.1
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1.  Introduction to Oracle Solaris Cluster Hardware

2.  Installing and Configuring the Terminal Concentrator

3.  Installing Cluster Interconnect Hardware and Configuring VLANs

4.  Maintaining Cluster Interconnect Hardware

Maintaining Interconnect Hardware in a Running Cluster

How to Add an Interconnect Component

How to Replace an Interconnect Component

How to Remove an Interconnect Component

How to Upgrade Transport Adapter Firmware

5.  Installing and Maintaining Public Network Hardware

6.  Maintaining Platform Hardware

7.  Campus Clustering With Oracle Solaris Cluster Software

8.  Verifying Oracle Solaris Cluster Hardware Redundancy


Chapter 4

Maintaining Cluster Interconnect Hardware

This chapter describes the procedures to maintain cluster interconnect hardware. The procedures in this chapter apply to all interconnects that Oracle Solaris Cluster software supports:

This chapter contains the following procedures:

For more information, see the following documentation: