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Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.1 Hardware Administration Manual     Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.1
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1.  Introduction to Oracle Solaris Cluster Hardware

2.  Installing and Configuring the Terminal Concentrator

3.  Installing Cluster Interconnect Hardware and Configuring VLANs

4.  Maintaining Cluster Interconnect Hardware

5.  Installing and Maintaining Public Network Hardware

6.  Maintaining Platform Hardware

7.  Campus Clustering With Oracle Solaris Cluster Software

Requirements for Designing a Campus Cluster

Selecting Networking Technologies

Connecting to Storage

Sharing Data Storage

Complying With Quorum Device Requirements

Replicating Solaris Volume Manager Disksets

Guidelines for Designing a Campus Cluster

Determining the Number of Rooms in Your Cluster

Three-Room Campus Cluster Examples

Deciding How to Use Quorum Devices

Quorum in Clusters With Four Rooms or More

Quorum in Three-Room Configurations

Quorum in Two-Room Configurations

Determining Campus Cluster Connection Technologies

Cluster Interconnect Technologies

Storage Area Network Technologies

Installing and Configuring Interconnect, Storage, and Fibre Channel Hardware

Calculating Buffer Credits

Additional Campus Cluster Configuration Examples

8.  Verifying Oracle Solaris Cluster Hardware Redundancy


Chapter 7

Campus Clustering With Oracle Solaris Cluster Software

In campus clustering, nodes or groups of nodes are located in separate rooms, sometimes several kilometers apart. In addition to providing the usual benefits of using an Oracle Solaris Cluster, correctly designed campus clusters can generally survive the loss of any single room and continue to provide their services.

This chapter introduces the basic concepts of campus clustering and provides some configuration and setup examples. The following topics are covered:

This chapter does not explain clustering, provide information about clustering administration, or furnish details about hardware installation and configuration. For conceptual and administrative information, see the Oracle Solaris Cluster Concepts Guide and the Oracle Solaris Cluster System Administration Guide, respectively.