Install the Oracle Business Intelligence data model repository file and analysis definitions on the Oracle Business Intelligence server.

Before you perform this procedure, make sure that you have installed Oracle Business Intelligence, you have the administrator user name and password, and that you have prepared the data model repository file. See Oracle Business Intelligence Installation Summary and Preparing the Data Model.

To deploy the data model and business intelligence content to the Oracle Business Intelligence server:

  1. Get the file containing the Oracle ATG Web Commerce Business Intelligence analysis definitions file from the Oracle ATG Web Commerce installation directory at the following location.


  2. Unzip the analysis definitions file at the following location on the Oracle Business Intelligence server.


  3. Log into the Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control. This application is available on the Oracle Business Intelligence server at the following URL:


  4. Choose Farm_bifoundation_domain > Business Intelligence > coreapplication in the navigation panel on the left.

  5. Click Lock and Edit Configuration.

  6. Click Choose File in the Upload BI Server Repository section of the coreapplication configuration screen. Browse to the data model repository file that you prepared with the connection information for your data warehouse database. See Preparing the Data Model.

    Enter the password for the data model repository file in the Repository Password and Confirm Password fields.

  7. Enter the path to the directory that holds the business intelligence content catalog files in the Catalog Location field in the BI Presentation Catalog section. This is the directory that you unzipped in a previous step.

  8. Click Apply, Activate Changes, and Restart to apply recent changes. Restart the system on the overview tab.

Note: See comprehensive information about configuring Oracle Business Intelligence in the documentation for that product (

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