Data file writing components write the operational data from each message object in separate lines of the data log files. The formatFields configuration property of the data file writing component controls the order of data elements in each line.

By default, the data elements in each line are separated by tab characters (\t) and each line ends with the newline character (\n). Use the fieldDelimeter property control the string that separates data elements. Use the lineTerminator property to control the line ending characters.

The following example shows a list of message object properties. A data file writing component will write the values from each property on one line of a data log file. In this example, the message object contains an object that contains event information. The property names include the property that holds the object (object) and name of a property of the inner object.


The following example shows the tab-delimited values from a message object.

ABANDONED  o290005  390005  

You can control the format of the logged data fields. Specify the format after a colon character. For example:


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