Extend the data collection components of Oracle ATG Web Commerce Business Intelligence if you need to capture additional reporting data about events that occur during the operation of your Web application. Determine which Java Messaging Service (JMS) messages sent by the Oracle ATG Web Commerce messaging system contain the data that you need to capture. Then create the components described in Data Collection Process to receive, queue, and log the events in new log files. See instructions for creating components in the following subsections.

If the additional reporting information that you need is available after a logged event occurs, use the data loading process to include it in the data warehouse database. Log only the minimum amount of information required during the data collection process. The data loading process can load additional data that is available in the transactional database for your Web application along with the data stored in the data collection log files. Including additional data during the data loading process streamlines the data collection process which runs on your production Web application server. See Configuring Fact Data Loading.

For example, if you choose to collect information about abandoned orders, you could write the order identifier in the data log file. Then, during the data loading process, you could use the order identifier to find other information about the order, such as the value of the order or the date and time of last activity, from the transactional database.

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