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Updated: July 2014

js2ai Conversion Warnings

All js2ai conversions of sysidcfg files will generate the following warning:

sysidcfg:line #:WARNING: Oracle Solaris 11 uses roles instead of root
user. An admin user with root role privileges will need to be defined in order
to access the system in multi-user mode. The necessary xml structures have
been added to sc_profile.xml as a comment. Edit sc_profile.xml to perform
the necessary modifications to define the admin user.

The warning has to do with the inability of the js2ai command to generate the necessary data structure from just the root_passwd keyword. If your sysidcfg file contained the root_passwd keyword in it, js2ai would generate a system/config-user structure like the following:

<service name="system/config-user" type="service" version="1">
  <instance enabled="true" name="default">
Configures user account as follows:
* User account name 'jack'
* password 'jack'
* GID 10
* UID 101
* root role
* bash shell
<property_group name="user_account" type="application">
  <propval name="login" type="astring" value="jack"/>
  <propval name="password" type="astring" value="9Nd/cwBcNWFZg"/>
  <propval name="description" type="astring" value="default_user"/>
  <propval name="shell" type="astring" value="/usr/bin/bash"/>
  <propval name="gid" type="astring" value="10"/>
  <propval name="uid" type="astring" value="101"/>
  <propval name="type" type="astring" value="normal"/>
  <propval name="roles" type="astring" value="root"/>
  <propval name="profiles" type="astring" value="System Administrator"/>
  <propval name="sudoers" type="astring" value="ALL=(ALL) ALL"/>
    <property_group name="root_account" type="application">
       <propval name="login" type="astring" value="root"/>
       <propval name="password" type="astring" value="{your_root_passwd}"/>
       <propval name="type" type="astring" value="role"/>

In XML, a comment is started with <!--. To define the user necessary to support Oracle Solaris 11 remove the XML comment markers around the user_account property group structure. Next, modify the user_account property structure to create the user that will have root role privileges. If no root_password keyword was specified, comment out the root_account property group structure.