Transitioning From Oracle® Solaris 10 JumpStart to Oracle Solaris 11.2 Automated Installer

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Updated: July 2014

Displaying Additional Profile Conversion Information

If you want to see additional information for a rule or profile conversion or AI manifest validation, specify the –v option with the js2ai command. When you specify the –v option, processing steps are displayed, and the error report displays zeroes instead of omitting the rules file or profile from the report.

# js2ai -v -p rootdisk.profile
Processing profile: rootdisk.profile
Performing conversion on: rootdisk.profile
Generating x86 manifest for: rootdisk.profile
Validating rootdisk.profile.x86.xml
Generating sparc manifest for: rootdisk.profile
Validating rootdisk.profile.sparc.xml

                                   Process  Unsupported  Conversion  Validation
Name                     Warnings  Errors   Items        Errors      Errors
----------------------   --------  -------  -----------  ----------  ----------
rootdisk.profile                0        0            0           0           0
Successfully completed conversion