Introduction to Oracle® Solaris Zones

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Updated: December 2014

Oracle Solaris Kernel Zones

The Oracle Solaris Kernel Zones feature provides a full kernel and user environment within a zone, and also increases kernel separation between the host and the zone. The brand name is solaris-kz. Kernel zones are managed from the global zone by using the existing tools zonecfg, zoneadm, and zlogin. As the administrator of a kernel zone, you have greater flexibility in configuring and managing the zone than a default solaris zone administrator. For example, the you can fully update and modify the zone's installed packages, including the kernel version, without being limited to the packages installed in the global zone. You can manage storage private to the zone, create and destroy ZFS pools, and configure iSCSI and CIFS. You can install solaris zones within the kernel zone to produce hierarchical (nested) zones. Kernel zones support suspend and resume. You can migrate a kernel zone by suspending the zone on the source machine and resuming the zone on the target machine.

To use Oracle Solaris Kernel Zones, the package brand-solaris-kz must be installed on your system. To determine whether your machine supports kernel zones, see About Oracle Solaris Zones in This Release. You can also run the virtinfo command on your machine if Oracle Solaris 11.2 is installed. For more information about Oracle Solaris Kernel Zones, see Creating and Using Oracle Solaris Kernel Zones and the solaris-kz(5) man page. For more information about the virtinfo command, see How to Verify Kernel Zone Support on a Host in Creating and Using Oracle Solaris Kernel Zones and the virtinfo(1M)man page.