Developer's Guide to Oracle® Solaris 11 Security

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Updated: July 2014

Overview of the Cryptographic Framework

    The cryptographic framework is the portion of the Oracle Solaris OS that provides cryptographic services from Oracle Corporation and from third-party suppliers. The framework provides various services:

  • Message encryption and message digest

  • Message authentication codes (MACs)

  • Digital signing

  • Application programmer interfaces (APIs) for accessing cryptographic services

  • Service provider interfaces (SPIs) for providing cryptographic services

  • An administration command for managing cryptographic resources

The following figure provides an overview of the cryptographic framework. The light gray shading in the figure indicates the user-level portion of the cryptographic framework. The dark gray shading represents the kernel-level portion of the framework. Private software is indicated by a background with diagonal striping.

Figure 8-1  Overview of the Oracle Solaris Cryptographic Framework

image:Diagram shows major elements in the Oracle Solaris cryptographic framework