Developer's Guide to Oracle® Solaris 11 Security

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Updated: July 2014


effective privilege set
definedindex iconEffective Privilege Set
elfsign command
Oracle Solaris cryptographic frameworkindex iconComponents of the Cryptographic Framework
GSS-APIindex iconSending Protected Data in GSS-API
wrapping messages with gss_wrap()index iconWrapping Messages With gss_wrap
error codes
GSS-APIindex iconGSS-API Major Status Code Values
checking for authorizationsindex iconChecking for Authorizations
GSS-API client application
descriptionindex iconGSSAPI Client Example Overview
source codeindex iconClient-Side Application
GSS-API miscellaneous functions
source codeindex iconMiscellaneous GSS-API Sample Functions
GSS-API server application
descriptionindex iconGSSAPI Server Example Overview
source codeindex iconServer-Side Application
miscellaneous SASL functionsindex iconCommon Code
Oracle Solaris cryptographic framework
message digestindex iconMessage Digest Example
random byte generationindex iconRandom Byte Generation Example
signing and verifying messagesindex iconSign and Verify Example
symmetric encryptionindex iconSymmetric Encryption Example
PAM consumer applicationindex iconA Simple PAM Consumer Example
PAM conversation functionindex iconWriting Conversation Functions
PAM service providerindex iconSample PAM Provider Service Module
privilege bracketingindex iconPrivilege Bracketing in the Least Privilege Model
SASL client applicationindex iconSASL Client Example
SASL server applicationindex iconSASL Server Example
exporting GSS-API contextsindex iconExporting and Importing Contexts in GSS-API