Developer's Guide to Oracle® Solaris 11 Security

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Updated: July 2014


data encryption
GSS-APIindex iconWrapping Messages With gss_wrap
data protection
GSS-APIindex iconSending Protected Data in GSS-API
data replayindex icondata replay
data types
index iconGSS-API Data Types and Values
index iconGSS-API Data Types
integersindex iconGSS-API Integers
namesindex iconNames in GSS-API
stringsindex iconStrings and Similar Data in GSS-API
privilegesindex iconPrivilege Data Types
default credentials
GSS-APIindex iconAcquiring Credentials in GSS-API
credentialsindex iconDelegating a Credential in GSS-API
design requirements
Oracle Solaris cryptographic framework
kernel-level consumersindex iconRequirements for Developers of Kernel-Level Consumers
user-level consumersindex iconRequirements for Developers of User-Level Consumers
digesting messages
Oracle Solaris cryptographic frameworkindex iconMessage Digest Example