Developer's Guide to Oracle® Solaris 11 Security

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Updated: July 2014


architectureindex iconSASL Architecture
authenticationindex iconSASL Authentication
authidindex iconSASL Library Basics
auxprop plug-insindex iconAuxiliary Property (auxprop) Plug-ins
SASL_CB_AUTHNAMEindex iconCommunication in SASL
SASL_CB_CANON_USERindex iconCommunication in SASL
SASL_CB_ECHOPROMPTindex iconCommunication in SASL
SASL_CB_GETCONFindex iconCommunication in SASL
SASL_CB_GETOPTindex iconCommunication in SASL
SASL_CB_GETPATHindex iconCommunication in SASL
SASL_CB_GETREALMindex iconCommunication in SASL
SASL_CB_LANGUAGEindex iconCommunication in SASL
SASL_CB_LOGindex iconCommunication in SASL
SASL_CB_NOECHOPROMPTindex iconCommunication in SASL
SASL_CB_PASSindex iconCommunication in SASL
SASL_CB_PROXY_POLICYindex iconCommunication in SASL
SASL_CB_SERVER_USERDB_SETPASSindex iconCommunication in SASL
SASL_CB_USERindex iconCommunication in SASL
SASL_CB_VERIFYFILEindex iconCommunication in SASL
canonicalizationindex iconUser Canonicalization Plug-ins
client sample applicationindex iconSASL Client Example
confidentialityindex iconSASL Confidentiality and Integrity
connection contextsindex iconSASL Connection Contexts
functionsindex iconSASL Interface Summaries
integrityindex iconSASL Confidentiality and Integrity
libraryindex iconSASL Library Basics
libsasl APIindex iconCommunication in SASL
libsasl initializationindex iconlibsasl Initialization
life cycleindex iconSteps in the SASL Cycle
mechanismsindex iconSecurity Mechanisms
overviewindex iconIntroduction to Simple Authentication Security Layer (SASL)
plug-in designindex iconSASL Plug-in Development Guidelines
client plug-insindex iconClient Plug-ins
overviewindex iconSASL Plug-in Overview
server plug-insindex iconServer Plug-ins
structuresindex iconImportant Structures for SASL Plug-ins
reference tablesindex iconSASL Interface Summaries
releasing resourcesindex iconlibsasl Cleanup
releasing sessionsindex iconReleasing SASL Sessions
role in Oracle Solaris OSindex iconNetwork Security Architecture
sample functionsindex iconCommon Code
sample outputindex iconSASL Example
server sample applicationindex iconSASL Server Example
session initializationindex iconSASL Session Initialization
setting SSFindex iconSASL Session Initialization
SPIindex iconSASL Plug-in Overview
SSFindex iconSASL Security Strength Factor
useridindex iconSASL Library Basics
sasl_canonuser_plug_nit() functionindex iconUser Canonicalization Plug-ins
SASL_CB_AUTHNAME callbackindex iconCommunication in SASL
SASL_CB_CANON_USER callbackindex iconCommunication in SASL
SASL_CB_ECHOPROMPT callbackindex iconCommunication in SASL
SASL_CB_GETCONF callbackindex iconCommunication in SASL
SASL_CB_GETOPT callbackindex iconCommunication in SASL
SASL_CB_GETPATH callbackindex iconCommunication in SASL
SASL_CB_GETREALM callbackindex iconCommunication in SASL
SASL_CB_LANGUAGE callbackindex iconCommunication in SASL
SASL_CB_LOG callbackindex iconCommunication in SASL
SASL_CB_NOECHOPROMPT callbackindex iconCommunication in SASL
SASL_CB_PASS callbackindex iconCommunication in SASL
SASL_CB_PROXY_POLICY callbackindex iconCommunication in SASL
SASL_CB_SERVER_USERDB_CHECKPASS callbackindex iconCommunication in SASL
SASL_CB_SERVER_USERDB_SETPASS callbackindex iconCommunication in SASL
SASL_CB_USER callbackindex iconCommunication in SASL
SASL_CB_VERIFYFILE callbackindex iconCommunication in SASL
sasl_client_add_plugin() functionindex iconSASL Plug-in Overview
sasl_client_init() function
index iconSASL Plug-in Overview
index iconlibsasl Initialization
sasl_client_new() function
SASL life cycleindex iconSASL Session Initialization
sasl_client_start() function
SASL life cycleindex iconSASL Authentication
SASL_CONTINUE flagindex iconSASL Authentication
sasl_decode() functionindex iconSASL Confidentiality and Integrity
sasl_dispose() function
index iconlibsasl Cleanup
index iconReleasing SASL Sessions
sasl_done() function
index iconlibsasl Cleanup
index iconReleasing SASL Sessions
sasl_encode() functionindex iconSASL Confidentiality and Integrity
sasl_getprop() function
checking SSFindex iconSASL Confidentiality and Integrity
SASL_INTERACT flagindex iconSASL Authentication
SASL_OK flagindex iconSASL Authentication
sasl_server_add_plugin() functionindex iconSASL Plug-in Overview
sasl_server_init() function
index iconSASL Plug-in Overview
index iconlibsasl Initialization
sasl_server_new() function
SASL life cycleindex iconSASL Session Initialization
sasl_server_start() function
SASL life cycleindex iconSASL Authentication
GSS-APIindex iconAvailable Mechanisms in GSS-API
security context  Seeindex iconcontexts
security flavorindex iconflavor
security mechanisms  Seeindex iconGSS-API
security policy
privileged application guidelinesindex iconGuidelines for Developing Privileged Applications
security strength factor  Seeindex iconSSF
send_token() function
GSS-API client exampleindex iconEstablishing a Security Context for GSS-API
sequence problems
GSS-APIindex iconDetecting Sequence Problems in GSS-API
server plug-ins
SASLindex iconServer Plug-ins
server_acquire_creds() function
GSS-API server exampleindex iconAcquiring Credentials
server_establish_context() function
GSS-API server exampleindex iconAccepting a Context
service provider interface  Seeindex iconSPI
session management
PAM service moduleindex iconPAM Service Modules
session objects
Oracle Solaris cryptographic frameworkindex iconOracle Solaris Cryptography Terminology
setppriv() function
synopsisindex iconsetppriv: for Setting Privileges
shell escapes
and privilegesindex iconGuidelines for Developing Privileged Applications
sign_server() function
GSS-API client exampleindex iconGSSAPI Server Example: main Function
GSS-API server exampleindex iconReceiving Data From a Client
signature blocks
gss-client exampleindex iconReading and Verifying a Signature Block From a GSS-API Client
signing messages
GSS-APIindex iconSigning and Returning the Message
signing messages example
Oracle Solaris cryptographic frameworkindex iconSign and Verify Example
Simple Authentication and Security Layer  Seeindex iconSASL
Oracle Solaris cryptographic frameworkindex iconOracle Solaris Cryptography Terminology
soft tokens
Oracle Solaris cryptographic frameworkindex iconOracle Solaris Cryptography Terminology
specifying a QOPindex iconFiles with OID Values
specifying mechanisms in GSS-APIindex iconFiles with OID Values
specifying OIDsindex iconSpecifying an OID
Oracle Solaris cryptographic framework
user levelindex iconComponents of the Cryptographic Framework
definedindex iconSASL Security Strength Factor
index iconSASL Authentication
index iconSASL Session Initialization
status codes
index iconGSS-API Status Codes
index iconGSS-API Status Codes
majorindex iconGSS-API Status Codes
minorindex iconGSS-API Status Codes
GSS-APIindex iconStrings and Similar Data in GSS-API
SUNW_C_GetMechSession() function
index iconExtended PKCS #11 Functions: SUNW_C_KeyToObject
index iconExtended PKCS #11 Functions: SUNW_C_GetMechSession
digest message exampleindex iconMessage Digest Example
symmetric encryption exampleindex iconSymmetric Encryption Example
symmetric encryption
Oracle Solaris cryptographic framework
exampleindex iconSymmetric Encryption Example
system privilegesindex iconPrivilege Categories
System V IPC privilegesindex iconPrivilege Categories