x86 Assembly Language Reference Manual

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Updated: December 2014


-I optionindex iconAssembler Command Line Options
-i optionindex iconAssembler Command Line Options
.identindex iconAssembler Directives
I/O (input/output) instructionsindex iconI/O Instructions
identifierindex iconIdentifiers
idivindex iconBinary Arithmetic Instructions
imulindex iconBinary Arithmetic Instructions
inindex iconI/O Instructions
incindex iconBinary Arithmetic Instructions
insindex iconI/O Instructions
insbindex iconI/O Instructions
insertpsindex iconSSE4.1 Instructions
insertqindex iconSSE4a Instructions
inslindex iconI/O Instructions
instructionindex iconInstructions
formatindex iconInstructions
suffixesindex iconInstructions
3DNowindex icon3DNow Instructions
3DNowxindex icon3DNowx Instructions
Advanced Vector Extensionsindex iconAdvanced Vector Extensions of AES Instructions
AESindex iconAES Instructions
AVXindex iconAVX Instructions
AVX2index iconAVX2 Instructions
binary arithmeticindex iconBinary Arithmetic Instructions
bitindex iconBit and Byte Instructions
BMI1index iconBMI1 Instructions
BMI2index iconBMI2 Instructions
byteindex iconBit and Byte Instructions
control transferindex iconControl Transfer Instructions
data transferindex iconData Transfer Instructions
decimal arithmeticindex iconDecimal Arithmetic Instructions
F16Cindex iconF16C Instructions
flag controlindex iconFlag Control (EFLAG) Instructions
floating-pointindex iconFloating-Point Instructions
FMAindex iconFMA Instructions
FSGSBASEindex iconFSGSBASE Instructions
I/O (input/output)index iconI/O Instructions
logicalindex iconLogical Instructions
miscellaneousindex iconMiscellaneous Instructions
MMXindex iconMMX Instructions
MOVBEindex iconMOVBE Instructions
operating system supportindex iconOperating System Support Instructions
Opteronindex icon64–Bit AMD Opteron Considerations
PCLMULQDQindex iconPCLMULQDQ Instructions
RDRANDindex iconRDRAND Instructions
rotateindex iconShift and Rotate Instructions
segment registerindex iconSegment Register Instructions
shiftindex iconShift and Rotate Instructions
SIMD state managementindex iconSIMD State Management Instructions
SSEindex iconSSE Instructions
SSE2index iconSSE2 Instructions
SSE3index iconSSE3 Instructions
SSE4.1index iconSSE4.1 Instructions
SSE4.2index iconSSE4.2 Instructions
SSE4aindex iconSSE4a Instructions
SSSE3index iconSSSE3 Instructions
stringindex iconString Instructions
VMXindex iconVMX Instructions
XSAVEindex iconXSAVE Instructions
inswindex iconI/O Instructions
intindex iconControl Transfer Instructions
intoindex iconControl Transfer Instructions
invdindex iconOperating System Support Instructions
inveptindex iconVMX Instructions
invlpgindex iconOperating System Support Instructions
invoking, as commandindex iconAssembler Command Line
invpcidindex iconData Transfer Instructions
invvpidindex iconVMX Instructions
iretindex iconControl Transfer Instructions