x86 Assembly Language Reference Manual

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Updated: December 2014


-m optionindex iconAssembler Command Line Options
–m64 and –m32 optionsindex iconAssembler Command Line Options
maskmovdquindex iconSSE2 Miscellaneous Instructions
maskmovqindex iconMiscellaneous Instructions (SSE)
maxpdindex iconSSE2 Packed Arithmetic Instructions
maxpsindex iconPacked Arithmetic Instructions (SSE)
maxsdindex iconSSE2 Packed Arithmetic Instructions
maxssindex iconPacked Arithmetic Instructions (SSE)
mfenceindex iconSSE2 Miscellaneous Instructions
minpdindex iconSSE2 Packed Arithmetic Instructions
minpsindex iconPacked Arithmetic Instructions (SSE)
minsdindex iconSSE2 Packed Arithmetic Instructions
minssindex iconPacked Arithmetic Instructions (SSE)
miscellaneous instructionsindex iconMiscellaneous Instructions
MMX instructions
comparisonindex iconComparison Instructions (MMX)
conversionindex iconConversion Instructions (MMX)
data transferindex iconData Transfer Instructions (MMX)
logicalindex iconLogical Instructions (MMX)
packed arithmeticindex iconPacked Arithmetic Instructions (MMX)
rotateindex iconShift and Rotate Instructions (MMX)
shiftindex iconShift and Rotate Instructions (MMX)
state managementindex iconState Management Instructions (MMX)
movindex iconData Transfer Instructions
movabsindex iconData Transfer Instructions
movabsAindex iconData Transfer Instructions
movapdindex iconSSE2 Data Movement Instructions
movapsindex iconData Transfer Instructions (SSE)
movbe(|q|l|w)index iconMOVBE Instructions
movdindex iconData Transfer Instructions (MMX)
movddupindex iconSSE3 Instructions
movdq2qindex iconSSE2 128–Bit SIMD Integer Instructions
movdqaindex iconSSE2 128–Bit SIMD Integer Instructions
movdquindex iconSSE2 128–Bit SIMD Integer Instructions
movhlpsindex iconData Transfer Instructions (SSE)
movhpdindex iconSSE2 Data Movement Instructions
movhpsindex iconData Transfer Instructions (SSE)
movlhpsindex iconData Transfer Instructions (SSE)
movlpdindex iconSSE2 Data Movement Instructions
movlpsindex iconData Transfer Instructions (SSE)
movmskpdindex iconSSE2 Data Movement Instructions
movmskpsindex iconData Transfer Instructions (SSE)
movntdqindex iconSSE2 Miscellaneous Instructions
movntdqaindex iconSSE4.1 Instructions
movntiindex iconSSE2 Miscellaneous Instructions
movntpdindex iconSSE2 Miscellaneous Instructions
movntpsindex iconMiscellaneous Instructions (SSE)
movntqindex iconMiscellaneous Instructions (SSE)
movntsdindex iconSSE4a Instructions
movntssindex iconSSE4a Instructions
movq2dqindex iconSSE2 128–Bit SIMD Integer Instructions
movqindex iconData Transfer Instructions (MMX)
movsindex iconString Instructions
index iconString Instructions
index iconData Transfer Instructions
movsdindex iconSSE2 Data Movement Instructions
movshdupindex iconSSE3 Instructions
movslindex iconString Instructions
movsldupindex iconSSE3 Instructions
movssindex iconData Transfer Instructions (SSE)
index iconString Instructions
index iconData Transfer Instructions
movupdindex iconSSE2 Data Movement Instructions
movupsindex iconData Transfer Instructions (SSE)
movzbindex iconData Transfer Instructions
movzwindex iconData Transfer Instructions
mpsadbwindex iconSSE4.1 Instructions
mulindex iconBinary Arithmetic Instructions
mulpdindex iconSSE2 Packed Arithmetic Instructions
mulpsindex iconPacked Arithmetic Instructions (SSE)
mulsdindex iconSSE2 Packed Arithmetic Instructions
mulssindex iconPacked Arithmetic Instructions (SSE)
multiple files, onindex iconAssembler Command Line
mulxindex iconBMI2 Instructions