x86 Assembly Language Reference Manual

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Updated: December 2014


-P optionindex iconAssembler Command Line Options
.popsectionindex iconAssembler Directives
.previousindex iconAssembler Directives
.pushsectionindex iconAssembler Directives
pabs(w|b|d)index iconSSSE3 Instructions
packssdwindex iconConversion Instructions (MMX)
packsswbindex iconConversion Instructions (MMX)
packusdwindex iconSSE4.1 Instructions
packuswbindex iconConversion Instructions (MMX)
paddbindex iconPacked Arithmetic Instructions (MMX)
padddindex iconPacked Arithmetic Instructions (MMX)
paddqindex iconSSE2 128–Bit SIMD Integer Instructions
paddsbindex iconPacked Arithmetic Instructions (MMX)
paddswindex iconPacked Arithmetic Instructions (MMX)
paddusbindex iconPacked Arithmetic Instructions (MMX)
padduswindex iconPacked Arithmetic Instructions (MMX)
paddwindex iconPacked Arithmetic Instructions (MMX)
palignrindex iconSSSE3 Instructions
pandindex iconLogical Instructions (MMX)
pandnindex iconLogical Instructions (MMX)
pauseindex iconSSE2 Miscellaneous Instructions
pavgbindex icon64–Bit SIMD Integer Instructions (SSE)
pavgusbindex icon3DNow Instructions
pavgwindex icon64–Bit SIMD Integer Instructions (SSE)
pblendvbindex iconSSE4.1 Instructions
pblendwindex iconSSE4.1 Instructions
pclmulqdqindex iconPCLMULQDQ Instructions
pcmpeqbindex iconComparison Instructions (MMX)
pcmpeqdindex iconComparison Instructions (MMX)
pcmpeqqindex iconSSE4.1 Instructions
pcmpeqwindex iconComparison Instructions (MMX)
pcmpestriindex iconSSE4.2 Instructions
pcmpestrmindex iconSSE4.2 Instructions
pcmpgtbindex iconComparison Instructions (MMX)
pcmpgtdindex iconComparison Instructions (MMX)
pcmpgtqindex iconSSE4.2 Instructions
pcmpgtwindex iconComparison Instructions (MMX)
pcmpistriindex iconSSE4.2 Instructions
pcmpistrmindex iconSSE4.2 Instructions
pdepindex iconBMI2 Instructions
pextindex iconBMI2 Instructions
pextr(q|b|d)index iconSSE4.1 Instructions
index iconSSE4.1 Instructions
index icon64–Bit SIMD Integer Instructions (SSE)
pf2idindex icon3DNow Instructions
pf2iwindex icon3DNow Instructions
pfaccindex icon3DNow Instructions
pfaddindex icon3DNow Instructions
pfcmpeqindex icon3DNow Instructions
pfcmpgeindex icon3DNow Instructions
pfcmpgtindex icon3DNow Instructions
pfmaxindex icon3DNow Instructions
pfminindex icon3DNow Instructions
pfmulindex icon3DNow Instructions
pfnaccindex icon3DNow Instructions
pfpnaccindex icon3DNow Instructions
pfrcpindex icon3DNow Instructions
pfrcpit1index icon3DNow Instructions
pfrcpit2index icon3DNow Instructions
pfrsqit1index icon3DNow Instructions
pfrsqrtindex icon3DNow Instructions
pfsubindex icon3DNow Instructions
pfsubrindex icon3DNow Instructions
phadd(w|d)index iconSSSE3 Instructions
phaddswindex iconSSSE3 Instructions
phminposuwindex iconSSE4.1 Instructions
phsub(w|d)index iconSSSE3 Instructions
phsubswindex iconSSSE3 Instructions
pi2fdindex icon3DNow Instructions
pi2fwindex icon3DNow Instructions
pinsr(q|b|d)index iconSSE4.1 Instructions
pinsrwindex icon64–Bit SIMD Integer Instructions (SSE)
pmaddubswindex iconSSSE3 Instructions
pmaddwdindex iconPacked Arithmetic Instructions (MMX)
pmaxs(b|d)index iconSSE4.1 Instructions
pmaxswindex icon64–Bit SIMD Integer Instructions (SSE)
pmaxubindex icon64–Bit SIMD Integer Instructions (SSE)
pmaxudindex iconSSE4.1 Instructions
pmaxuwindex iconSSE4.1 Instructions
pminsbindex iconSSE4.1 Instructions
pminsdindex iconSSE4.1 Instructions
pminswindex icon64–Bit SIMD Integer Instructions (SSE)
pminubindex icon64–Bit SIMD Integer Instructions (SSE)
pminudindex iconSSE4.1 Instructions
pminuwindex iconSSE4.1 Instructions
pmovmskbindex icon64–Bit SIMD Integer Instructions (SSE)
pmovsx(bd|bq|bw|dq|wd|wq)index iconSSE4.1 Instructions
pmovzx(bd|bq|bw|dq|wd|wq)index iconSSE4.1 Instructions
pmuldqindex iconSSE4.1 Instructions
pmulhrswindex iconSSSE3 Instructions
pmulhrwindex icon3DNow Instructions
pmulhuwindex icon64–Bit SIMD Integer Instructions (SSE)
pmulhwindex iconPacked Arithmetic Instructions (MMX)
pmulldindex iconSSE4.1 Instructions
pmullwindex iconPacked Arithmetic Instructions (MMX)
pmuludqindex iconSSE2 128–Bit SIMD Integer Instructions
popindex iconData Transfer Instructions
popaindex iconData Transfer Instructions
popalindex iconData Transfer Instructions
popawindex iconData Transfer Instructions
popfindex iconFlag Control Instructions
popfwindex iconFlag Control Instructions
porindex iconLogical Instructions (MMX)
prefetchindex icon3DNowx Instructions
prefetchntaindex iconMiscellaneous Instructions (SSE)
prefetcht0index iconMiscellaneous Instructions (SSE)
prefetcht1index iconMiscellaneous Instructions (SSE)
prefetcht2index iconMiscellaneous Instructions (SSE)
prefetchwindex icon3DNowx Instructions
psadbwindex icon64–Bit SIMD Integer Instructions (SSE)
pshufbindex iconSSSE3 Instructions
pshufdindex iconSSE2 128–Bit SIMD Integer Instructions
pshufhwindex iconSSE2 128–Bit SIMD Integer Instructions
pshuflwindex iconSSE2 128–Bit SIMD Integer Instructions
pshufwindex icon64–Bit SIMD Integer Instructions (SSE)
psign(w|b|d)index iconSSSE3 Instructions
pslldindex iconShift and Rotate Instructions (MMX)
pslldqindex iconSSE2 128–Bit SIMD Integer Instructions
psllqindex iconShift and Rotate Instructions (MMX)
psllwindex iconShift and Rotate Instructions (MMX)
psradindex iconShift and Rotate Instructions (MMX)
psrawindex iconShift and Rotate Instructions (MMX)
psrldindex iconShift and Rotate Instructions (MMX)
psrldqindex iconSSE2 128–Bit SIMD Integer Instructions
psrlqindex iconShift and Rotate Instructions (MMX)
psrlwindex iconShift and Rotate Instructions (MMX)
psubbindex iconPacked Arithmetic Instructions (MMX)
psubdindex iconPacked Arithmetic Instructions (MMX)
psubqindex iconSSE2 128–Bit SIMD Integer Instructions
psubsbindex iconPacked Arithmetic Instructions (MMX)
psubswindex iconPacked Arithmetic Instructions (MMX)
psubusbindex iconPacked Arithmetic Instructions (MMX)
psubuswindex iconPacked Arithmetic Instructions (MMX)
psubwindex iconPacked Arithmetic Instructions (MMX)
pswapdindex icon3DNow Instructions
ptestindex iconSSE4.1 Instructions
punpckhbwindex iconConversion Instructions (MMX)
punpckhdqindex iconConversion Instructions (MMX)
punpckhqdqindex iconSSE2 128–Bit SIMD Integer Instructions
punpckhwdindex iconConversion Instructions (MMX)
punpcklbwindex iconConversion Instructions (MMX)
punpckldqindex iconConversion Instructions (MMX)
punpcklqdqindex iconSSE2 128–Bit SIMD Integer Instructions
punpcklwdindex iconConversion Instructions (MMX)
pushindex iconData Transfer Instructions
pushaindex iconData Transfer Instructions
pushalindex iconData Transfer Instructions
pushawindex iconData Transfer Instructions
pushfindex iconFlag Control Instructions
pushfwindex iconFlag Control Instructions
pxorindex iconLogical Instructions (MMX)