Managing Auditing in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: July 2014

Logins From Other Operating Systems Not Being Audited

The Oracle Solaris OS can audit all logins independent of source. If logins are not being audited, then the lo class for both attributable and non-attributable events is probably not set, This class audits logins, logouts, and screen locks. These classes are audited by default.

Note -  To audit ssh logins, your system must be running the ssh daemon from Oracle Solaris. This daemon is modified for the audit service on an Oracle Solaris system. For more information, see Secure Shell and the OpenSSH Project in Managing Secure Shell Access in Oracle Solaris 11.2 .
Example 6-1  Ensuring That Logins Are Audited

In this example, the output of the first two commands shows that the lo class for attributable and non-attributable events is not set. Then, the last two commands set the lo class to enable auditing of login events.

# auditconfig -getflags
active user default audit flags = as,st(0x20800,0x20800)
configured user default audit flags = as,st(0x20800,0x20800)

# auditconfig -getnaflags
active non-attributable audit flags = na(0x400,0x400)
configured non-attributable audit flags = na(0x400,0x400)

# auditconfig -setflags lo,as,st
user default audit flags = as,lo,st(0x21800,0x21800)

# auditconfig -setnaflags lo,na
non-attributable audit flags = lo,na(0x1400,0x1400)