Managing Auditing in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: July 2014


–M option
auditreduce commandindex iconCopying Audit Files to a Summary File
man pages
audit serviceindex iconAudit Service Man Pages
audit files
index iconPreventing Audit Trail Overflow
index iconHow to Merge Audit Files From the Audit Trail
audit records task mapindex iconManaging Audit Records on Local Systems
audit trail overflowindex iconPreventing Audit Trail Overflow
auditing in zones
index iconAuditing and Oracle Solaris Zones
index iconAuditing on a System With Oracle Solaris Zones
events to classes (auditing)index iconAudit Classes and Preselection
mask (auditing)
description of process preselectionindex iconProcess Audit Characteristics
binary audit recordsindex iconHow to Merge Audit Files From the Audit Trail
minus sign (-)
audit class prefixindex iconAudit Class Syntax
user security attributesindex iconHow to Configure a User's Audit Characteristics
audit trail in real timeindex iconAuditing Efficiently