Oracle® Solaris Studio 12.4: Performance Analyzer Tutorials

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Updated: December 2014

Setting Up the lowfruit Sample Code

Before You Begin

  1. Copy the contents of the lowfruit directory to your own private working area with the following command:

    % cp -r SolarisStudioSampleApplications/PerformanceAnalyzer/lowfruit mydirectory

    where mydirectory is the working directory you are using.

  2. Change to that working directory.

    % cd mydirectory/lowfruit
  3. Build the target executable.

    % make clobber (needed only if you ran make in the directory before, but safe in any case)
    % make

    After you run make the directory contains the target program to be used in the tutorial, an executable named lowfruit.

    The next section shows how to use Performance Analyzer to collect data from the lowfruit program and create an experiment.

Tip  -  If you prefer, you can edit the Makefile to do the following: use the GNU compilers rather than the default of the Studio compilers; build in 32-bits rather than the default of 64-bits; and add different compiler flags.