Oracle® Solaris Studio 12.4: Performance Analyzer Tutorials

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Updated: December 2014

Setting Up the mttest Sample Code

Before You Begin

You might want to go through the introductory tutorial in Introduction to C Profiling first to become familiar with Performance Analyzer.

  1. Copy the contents of the mttest directory to your own private working area with the following command:

    % cp -r SolarisStudioSampleApplications/PerformanceAnalyzer/mttest mydirectory

    where mydirectory is the working directory you are using.

  2. Change to that working directory copy.

    % cd mydirectory/mttest
  3. Build the target executable.

    % make clobber (needed only if you ran make in the directory before, but safe in any case)
    % make

    After you run make the directory contains the target application to be used in the tutorial, a C program called mttest.

Tip  -  If you prefer, you can edit the Makefile to do the following: use the GNU compilers rather than the default of the Studio compilers; build in 32-bits rather than the default of 64-bits; and add different compiler flags.