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Oracle® Solaris 64-bit Developer's Guide

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Updated: March 2019

1.2 Beyond Large Address Spaces

Other compelling reasons why you might want to create 64-bit applications are as follows:

  • You can perform a lot of computation on 64-bit integer values that use the wide data paths of a 64-bit processor to gain performance.

  • Several system interfaces have been enhanced, or limitations removed, because the underlying data types that underpin those interfaces have become larger. For example, 32-bit time_t can only handle dates up to January 2038, while 64-bit time_t can handle dates for billion years into the future.

  • You can obtain the performance benefits of the 64-bit instruction set, such as improved calling conventions and full use of the register set.

  • You can increase the security by using ASLR, which helps you to create more random, harder to guess address spaces.