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Sun Ethernet Fabric Operating System

VRRP Administration Guide

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Product Notes

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Acronyms and Abbreviations

CLI Command Modes


Support and Accessibility

Protocol Description


Configuring VRRP


VRRP Topology

Configuration Guidelines

Default Configuration Values

Create VRRP Instance Over an Interface

Configure Additional Associated IP Addresses to a VRRP Instance

Configure VRRP Priority

Enable Preempt Mode

Configure Authentication Password for VRRP Tickets

Configure VRRP Advertisement Interval

Configure VRRP (Linux Example)


VRRP is an election protocol that dynamically assigns responsibility for a virtual router to one of the VRRP routers on a LAN. This elected router is called the master router, and others are called backup routers. The master router is responsible for forwarding data packets received for the VRRP MAC address. Backup routers listen for the advertisement packet from the master router. If backup routers do not receive advertisement packets for a certain period, the backup routers elect a new master router. VRRP is designed to provide a highly available default first hop route for end-hosts on the LAN.

SEFOS VRRP is Oracle’s implementation of VRRP.