Oracle® Solaris Cluster Concepts Guide

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Updated: July 2014, E39575-01

SPARC: Clustered Pair Topology

A clustered pair topology is two or more pairs of cluster nodes that operate under a single cluster administrative framework. In this configuration, failover occurs only between a pair. However, all nodes are connected by the cluster interconnect and operate under Oracle Solaris Cluster software control. You might use this topology to run a parallel database application on one pair and a failover or scalable application on another pair.

Using the cluster file system, you could also have a two-pair configuration. More than two nodes can run a scalable service or parallel database, even though all the nodes are not directly connected to the disks that store the application data.

The following figure illustrates a clustered pair configuration.

Figure 2-5  SPARC: Clustered Pair Topology

image:The graphic shows a clustered pair configuration with four nodes.