Oracle® Solaris Cluster Concepts Guide

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Updated: July 2014, E39575-01

Resource and Resource Group Properties

You can configure property values for resources and resource groups for your Oracle Solaris Cluster data services. Standard properties are common to all data services. Extension properties are specific to each data service. Some standard and extension properties are configured with default settings so that you do not have to modify them. Others need to be set as part of the process of creating and configuring resources. The documentation for each data service specifies which resource properties can be set and how to set them.

The standard properties are used to configure resource and resource group properties that are usually independent of any particular data service. For the set of standard properties, see the following man pages: cluster(1CL), rt_properties(5), rg_properties(5), r_properties(5), and property_attributes(5).

The RGM extension properties provide information such as the location of application binaries and configuration files. You modify extension properties as you configure your data services. The set of extension properties is described in the individual guide for the data service.