Oracle® Solaris Cluster Concepts Guide

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Updated: July 2014, E39575-01

SPARC: Dynamic Reconfiguration Support

Oracle Solaris Cluster supports the dynamic reconfiguration software feature. This section describes concepts and considerations for Oracle Solaris Cluster support of the dynamic reconfiguration feature.

All the requirements, procedures, and restrictions that are documented for the Oracle Solaris dynamic reconfiguration feature also apply to Oracle Solaris Cluster dynamic reconfiguration support (except for the operating environment quiescence operation). Therefore, review the documentation for the Oracle Solaris dynamic reconfiguration feature before using the dynamic reconfiguration feature with Oracle Solaris Cluster software. You should review in particular the issues that affect non-network IO devices during a dynamic reconfiguration detach operation.

Dynamic reconfiguration implementation can be system dependent, and might be implemented differently as technology changes. For more information, see Oracle Solaris Cluster Data Service for Oracle VM Server for SPARC Guide .