Oracle® Solaris Cluster Upgrade Guide

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Updated: July 2014, E39644–01

How to Upgrade Quorum Server Software

If the cluster uses a quorum server, upgrade the Quorum Server software on the quorum server before you upgrade the cluster.

Note -  If more than one cluster uses the quorum server, perform on each cluster the steps to remove the quorum server and later the steps to add back the quorum server.

Perform all steps as the root role on the cluster and on the quorum server.

  1. If the cluster has two nodes and the quorum server is the cluster's only quorum device, temporarily add a second quorum device.

    See Adding a Quorum Device in Oracle Solaris Cluster System Administration Guide .

    If you add another quorum server as a temporary quorum device, the quorum server can run the same software version as the quorum server that you are upgrading, or it can run the 4.2 version of Quorum Server software.

  2. Unconfigure the quorum server from each cluster that uses the quorum server.
    phys-schost# clquorum remove quorum-server
  3. From the quorum server to upgrade, verify that the quorum server no longer serves any cluster.
    quorumserver# clquorumserver show +

    If the output shows any cluster is still served by the quorum server, unconfigure the quorum server from that cluster. Then repeat this step to confirm that the quorum server is no longer configured with any cluster.

    Note -  If you have unconfigured the quorum server from a cluster but the clquorumserver show command still reports that the quorum server is serving that cluster, the command might be reporting stale configuration information. See Cleaning Up Stale Quorum Server Cluster Information in Oracle Solaris Cluster System Administration Guide .
  4. From the quorum server to upgrade, halt all quorum server instances.
    quorumserver# clquorumserver stop +
  5. Uninstall the Quorum Server software from the quorum server to upgrade.
    quorumserver# pkg uninstall ha-cluster/*
  6. (Optional) Clean up or remove the quorum server directories.

    By default, this directory is /var/scqsd.

  7. Install the Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.2 Quorum Server software, reconfigure the quorum server, and start the quorum server daemon.

    Follow the steps in How to Install and Configure Oracle Solaris Cluster Quorum Server Software in Oracle Solaris Cluster Software Installation Guide for installing the Quorum Server software.

  8. From a cluster node, configure the upgraded quorum server as a quorum device.

    Follow the steps in How to Configure Quorum Devices in Oracle Solaris Cluster Software Installation Guide .

  9. If you configured a temporary quorum device, unconfigure it.
    phys-schost# clquorum remove temp-quorum