Oracle® Solaris Cluster Upgrade Guide

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Updated: July 2014, E39644–01

How to Upgrade a solaris10 Brand Zone in a Zone Cluster (clzonecluster)

  1. Bring the zone cluster into an offline-running state.
    phys-schost# clzonecluster reboot -o zoneclustername
  2. Issue the following command from the command line of one node of the global cluster:
    phys-schost#clzonecluster install-cluster -p patchdir=patchdir \
    [,patchlistfile=filename] zoneclustername

    Use the new release patches for the patchlistfile property. For more information about the clzonecluster install-cluster subcommand, see the clzonecluster (1CL) man page.


If the scinstall -u update command fails with a message that the pkg command is out of date, follow the instructions in the message.