Oracle® Solaris Cluster Data Service for Oracle Real Application Clusters Guide

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Updated: July 2014, E39656–01

Sources of Diagnostic Information

If the state of a scalable device group resource or a file-system mount-point resource changes, the new state is logged through the syslog (3C) function.

The directories /var/cluster/ucmm and /var/cluster/vucmm contain the sources of diagnostic information that are shown in the following table.

Log files for previous multiple-owner volume-manager reconfigurations
/var/cluster/vucmm/vucmm_reconf.log.0 (0,1,…)
Log file for the current userland cluster membership monitor (UCMM) reconfiguration
Log files for previous UCMM reconfigurations
/var/cluster/ucmm/ucmm_reconf.log.0 (0,1,…)

The directory /var/opt/SUNWscor/oracle_server/proxyresource contains log files for the resource that represents the Support for Oracle RAC proxy server. Messages for server-side components and client-side components of the proxy server resource are written to separate files:

  • Messages for server-side components are written to the file message_log.resource.

  • Messages for client-side components are written to the file message_log.client.resource.

In these file names and directory names, resource is the name of the resource that represents the Support for Oracle RAC server component.

The system messages file also contains diagnostic information.

If a problem occurs with Support for Oracle RAC, consult these files to obtain information about the cause of the problem.