Oracle® Solaris Cluster Data Service for Oracle Real Application Clusters Guide

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Updated: July 2014, E39656–01

Registering and Configuring Storage Resources for Oracle Database Files

Storage resources provide fault monitoring and automatic fault recovery for global device groups and file systems.

If you are using global device groups or shared file systems for Oracle files, configure storage resources to manage the availability of the storage on which the Oracle software depends.

Configure the following types of storage resources:

  • Global device groups:

    • Solaris Volume Manager for Sun Cluster multi-owner disk sets

  • Shared file systems:

    • A Sun QFS shared file system, with either Solaris Volume Manager for Sun Cluster multi-owner disk sets or hardware RAID

    • A file system on a qualified NAS device with Support for Oracle RAC:

      Note -  You can configure a NAS NFS file system in a zone cluster with the existing tools. See Tasks for Configuring Qualified NAS Devices for Oracle Database Files.

This section contains the following information about registering and configuring storage resources for Oracle Database files: