Oracle® Solaris Cluster Data Service for Oracle Real Application Clusters Guide

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Updated: July 2014, E39656–01

Operation of the Fault Monitor for Scalable File-System Mount Points

To determine if the mounted file system is available, the fault monitor performs I/O operations such as opening, reading, and writing to a test file on the file system. If an I/O operation is not completed within the timeout period, the fault monitor reports an error. To specify the timeout for I/O operations, set the IOTimeout extension property.

    The response to an error depends on the type of the file system, as follows:

  • If the file system is an NFS file system on a qualified NAS device, the response is as follows:

    • Monitoring of the resource is stopped on the current cluster node.

    • The resource is placed into the disabled state on the current cluster node, causing the file system to be unmounted from that node.

  • If the file system is a Sun QFS shared file system, the response is as follows:

    • If the cluster node on which the error occurred is hosting the metadata server resource, the metadata server resource is failed over to another node.

    • The file system is unmounted.

    If the failover attempt fails, the file system remains unmounted and a warning is given.