Oracle® Solaris Cluster Data Service for Oracle Real Application Clusters Guide

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Updated: July 2014, E39656–01

SUNW.vucmm_framework Failure-to-Start Status Messages

The following status messages are associated with the failure of a SUNW.vucmm_framework resource to start:

Faulted - vucmmd is not running

Description:  The vucmmd daemon is not running on the node where the resource resides.

Solution:  For information about how to correct this problem, see Failure of the vucmmd Daemon to Start.

Degraded - reconfiguration in progress

Description:  The multiple-owner volume-manager framework is undergoing a reconfiguration. This message indicates a problem only if the reconfiguration of the multiple-owner volume-manager framework is not completed and the status of this resource persistently remains degraded.

Cause:  If this message indicates a problem, the cause of the failure is a configuration error in one or more components of the volume manager reconfiguration framework.

Solution:  The solution to this problem depends on whether the message indicates a problem:


Description:  Reconfiguration of Support for Oracle RAC was not completed until after the START method of the SUNW.vucmm_framework resource timed out.

Solution:  For instructions to correct the problem, see How to Recover From the Timing Out of the START Method.