Oracle® Server Management Agent for Oracle Solaris 11.2 User's Guide

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Updated: June 2015

How to Retrieve Inventory Information

  • At the command prompt, type the following:

    # snmpwalk -v2c -c public -mALL localhost\ SUN-HW-MONITORING-MIB::sunHwMonInventoryTable | grep '.148 = '

    where grep '.148 = ' is filtering for results with a property of the FRU we are interested in.

    You should see output similar to the following:


    SUN-HW-MONITORING-MIB::sunHwMonFruType.148 = INTEGER: networkInterface(80)

    SUN-HW-MONITORING-MIB::sunHwMonFruDescr.148 = STRING:

    SUN-HW-MONITORING-MIB::sunHwMonFruPartNumber.148 = STRING: 82546GB

    SUN-HW-MONITORING-MIB::sunHwMonFruSerialNumber.148 = STRING: 00:14:4F:A8:39:44

    SUN-HW-MONITORING-MIB::sunHwMonFruManufacturer.148 = STRING:

    SUN-HW-MONITORING-MIB::sunHwMonFruStatus.148 = INTEGER: indeterminate(6)

    SUN-HW-MONITORING-MIB::sunHwMonParentFruIndex.148 = INTEGER: 146

    SUN-HW-MONITORING-MIB::sunHwMonParentFruName.148 = STRING: /SYS/MB

    Note -  If the server uses Oracle ILOM 2.0, the following lines are returned:

    SUN-HW-MONITORING-MIB::sunHwMonFruType.75 = INTEGER: unknown(1)

    SUN-HW-MONITORING-MIB::sunHwMonParentFruIndex.75 = INTEGER: -1

    SUN-HW-MONITORING-MIB::sunHwMonParentFruName.75 = STRING:

    This is expected behavior because this information is specific to Oracle ILOM 3.0. In this case, the -1 signifies nodef.