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Creating and Using Oracle® Solaris Kernel Zones

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Updated: December 2018

About the zoneadm migrate Command

Use the zoneadm migrate command to perform a live migration. zoneadm migrate command options include:


Performs a dry run of the live migration. Confirms if a zone can be live migrated to the target host.

The zone is the running state.


Quiet mode for live migrations. Specifies that the status is not reported during live migration operations.

-c cipher

Specifies a secure cipher option for live migrations. By default, migrations are secured using a cipher that is supported on both systems even if you do not specify a particular cipher. See About Secure Live Migration.


Specifies a RAD URI including the scheme, user name, and host name to be used to migrate the zone to the target host. The ssh scheme uses SSH and the rads scheme uses TLS. If you only specify a host name, the scheme defaults to rads, user defaults to the current user, and port defaults to the standard RAD port 12302. For more information, review:

Refer to the zoneadm(1M) man page for further information about the migrate subcommand.