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ONC+ RPC Developer's Guide

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Updated: March 2019
Chapter 6

Porting From TS-RPC to TI-RPC

The transport-independent RPC (TI-RPC) routines provide the developer with stratified levels of access to the transport layer. The highest-level routines provide complete abstraction from the transport and provide true transport-independence. Lower levels provide access levels similar to the TI-RPC of previous releases.

This section is an informal guide to porting transport-specific RPC (TS-RPC) applications to TI-RPC. Figure 15, Table 15, Differences Between TI-RPC and TS-RPC shows the differences between selected routines and their counterparts. For information on porting issues concerning sockets and transport layer interface (TLI), see the Oracle Solaris 11.3 Programming Interfaces Guide.