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ONC+ RPC Developer's Guide

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Updated: March 2019

TI-RPC Program, Version, and Procedure Numbers

    A remote procedure is uniquely identified by the triple:

  • Program number

  • Version number

  • Procedure number

The program number identifies a group of related remote procedures, each of which has a unique procedure number.

A program can consist of one or more versions. Each version consists of a collection of procedures that are available to be called remotely. Version numbers enable multiple versions of an RPC protocol to be available simultaneously.

Each version contains a number of procedures that can be called remotely. Each procedure has a procedure number.

Program and Procedure Numbers lists the range of values and their significance and tells you how to have a program number assigned to your RPC program. A list of mappings of RPC service name to program number is available in the RPC network database /etc/rpc.