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ONC+ RPC Developer's Guide

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Updated: March 2019

Software Environment Features

This section lists the features found in the current rpcgen code generator.

  • Template Generation: rpcgen generates client-side, server-side, and makefile templates. See Compile-Time Client and Server Templates for the list of options.

  • C-style Mode: rpcgen has two compilation modes, C-style and default. In C-style mode arguments can be passed by value, instead of as pointers to a structure. It also supports passing multiple arguments. The default mode is the same as in previous releases. See Compile-Time C-style Mode for the example code for both modes.

  • Multithread-Safe Code: rpcgen generates MT-safe code for use in a threaded environment. By default, the code generated by rpcgen is not MT safe. See Compile-Time MT-Safe Code for the description and example code.

  • Multithread Auto Mode: rpcgen generates MT-safe server stubs that operate in the MT Auto mode. See Compile-Time MT Auto Mode for the definition and example code.

  • Library Selection: rpcgen uses library calls for either TS-RPC or TI-RPC. See Compile-Time TI-RPC or TS-RPC Library Selection.

  • ANSI C-compliant Code: The output generated by rpcgen conforms to ANSI C standards. See Compile-Time ANSI C-compliant Code.