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Oracle® Solaris 11.3 Linkers and Libraries Guide

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Updated: March 2018

Linker and Libraries Updates and New Features

This appendix provides an overview of the updates and new features that have been added to releases of the Oracle Solaris OS.

Oracle Solaris 11.3 Release

  • ld(1) provides the –z nxheap and –z nxstack options to control non-executable heap and stack for individual executables. elfedit(1) has been modified to allow simplified editing of the associated DT_SUNW_SX_NXHEAP and DT_SUNW_SX_NXSTACK dynamic section entries.

  • Mapfiles can match input section and file names against glob, regular expression, or literal text patterns, and generate output section names that incorporate substrings from the input names. See MATCH and MATCHREF Expressions.

  • Shared objects can act as weak filters at the object and per-symbol level, See Generating Weak Filters.

  • The FILTER mapfile directive allows standard, auxiliary, and weak object level filters to be declared from within a mapfile, rather than by using the –F (standard filter) or –f (auxiliary filter) command line options. See FILTER Directive.

  • The FILTER attribute to the SYMBOL_SCOPE and SYMBOL_VERSION mapfile directives allows standard, auxiliary, and weak symbol level filters to be defined on a per-symbol basis. See FILTER Attribute.

  • The RESERVE_SEGMENT mapfile directive provides for declaring memory reservations. See LOAD, NOTE, NULL, and RESERVE_SEGMENT Directives.