Considerations when Upgrading from One Version to Another

To ensure that the integrity of the translation is maintained, and assuming that you are working in one of those countries that are running a version in another language other than English, it is essential to follow the subsequent steps. An additional assumption is that this process would be completed by a particular region or office that was responsible for selective languages.

Using the pristine environment on which you completed the translation of the applicable languages, this should be upgraded to the latest version. For our example this will be Version 4.03 to Version

Copy the English Delta file into a temp folder and extract it.

Select menu option Translation Studio and login to the Translation main screen. Select the Import button top open the Import screen. Select the Read Me button for import instructions. Perform the Version Upgrade import. (See Import, above, for details.)

Once the above has been accomplished you are now ready to complete the translation in the normal fashion. In order to perform the translation in an optimal time frame MICROS recommends that within the translation sheet you search on the Version list of values and reference the new version or alternatively search for those messages that have not been previously translated. Please refer to the Search Criteria topic, above.

After the translation has been completed it will then be necessary to select the Export button in order to prepare the file for deployment into those properties being upgraded. Please refer to the Export topic, above, for details.

New sites that are either upgraded or installed with the latest Opera Hotel Edition version must have the respective translation file implemented. This implementation is to be done by the respective region.

Note: In the event that you upgrade a site that is using the national language and you do not import the newly translated file, the screen, forms and messages will appear with mixed English and national language text. It is therefore important that time is scheduled for this translation task immediately after the official release of a new version.

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