Groups Report Group

Block Information - The Blocks Information Report displays a detailed breakdown of a Block header and Room Grid, for a specified date range.

Block Traces - The Blocks Traces Report displays trace text and the due date for a Block.

Blocks by Cutoff Date - The Blocks By Cutoff Date Report can be used by Reservations or Sales staff to determine which dates specific blocks will be cut off.

Group Departure By Room - The Groups Departure By Room Number Report displays all the reservations in house, that have a group profile attached.

Group In House by Room - The Groups In House by Room report displays all the reservations with a group profile attached and are in house, sorted by room number.

Group Pickup - The Group Pickup Report provides a breakdown for all existing and future Blocks.

Group Rooming List - The Group Rooming List provides a list of all reservations associated with a specific block for the date range selected.